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Your Guide to Premium Tube Sites

Nowadays, it’s all about speed and convenience. We want everything as quickly as possible and the same can be said about porn. (Some people even try to use their Nintendo Switch for porn while mid-game!) But when the mood strikes and you want to watch something, admit it, you’ve turned to tube sites. Don’t be embarrassed. We all do it. 

It’s not hard to see why tube sites are our go-to in a rush. For most of us, tubes provide a seemingly endless pool of free content. The problem is, the quality varies. But what if you could get the convenience of consistent quality along with exclusivity, too? When it comes to some of the best premium tube sites, you’d be surprised at how good they can be. 

How Tube Sites Came to Be

When it comes to tubes, one that sticks out above the rest: YouTube. Do you know the defining moment that led to the creation of YouTube? Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s 2004 halftime show. Who could ever forget the moment Justin went to rip off part of Janet’s costume only to accidentally reveal her nipple to millions of viewers! 

Even though it was the nip slip seen around the world, original founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Kari were unable to find a recording of the event anywhere online. Thus, YouTube was born and streaming was changed forever.

The Appeal of Porn Tube Sites 

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It seems fitting that the most famous tube site was created to see a nip slip. Now there are so many out there with the same concept – but for porn. It is easy to see the draw of one that is strictly for adult films. The content is free, there’s a large selection and usually, the interface is easy to use. 

Most people don’t want to pay for porn, it’s as simple as that. When they’re horny, they want to find a video, get off and be done with it. On top of that, these streaming sites offer up thousands, even millions, of titles spread across every possible category. Fun fact: One of my fave paysites, LetsDoeIt, started out as a tube site – now look how far they’ve come! 

So why opt for a premium tube membership? Simple. You get a reliable and legal source of high-quality porn with consistent updates and plenty of perks. In fact, most free streaming sites offer a paid version these days, so you have plenty of options. 

Get Member Perks on XVideos Red

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Image from Team Skeet

Another popular adult tube destination is XVideos. While they may not be as well known to the casual porn fan, plenty of folks use them as their library of choice when the time comes for them to… cum. But do you know about their premium membership options? 

With a paid XVideos Red subscription, you get a huge collection (over 100,000 videos) of both studio and user-uploaded content, totaling millions of scenes once you factor in the free ones. And thousands of them are in 4K Ultra HD. Another premium perk is the ad-free, customizable interface, so you can tailor your experience. 

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If you like amateur porn, there’s plenty of that, too. But if you’re more into pornstars, you’ll find movies with top performers, including Lana Rhodes and Riley Reid, from networks like Team Skeet,, Dogfart and many others. They add around 250 new videos every day, so if that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will.  

A Smooth Experience From Xnxx Gold 

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Image from New Sensations

Xnxx Gold has some perks for subscribers, too. This porn tube site may not immediately ring a bell, but you’ll definitely want to find out more. It’s been around for over 20 years now, and offers a Gold membership option. Not only can fans watch full-length 4K movies, but also they’re exclusive to the site. Maybe best of all, the premium version lets you browse ad-free. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes porn sites, especially tubes, are filled with such invasive ads that they can become distracting. But with a membership, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. 

Like on XVideos, your premium membership to Xnxx also gives you content from some pretty great sites. You can watch full-length scenes from New Sensations, Jays POV, James Deen and the list goes on. 

An Affordable Way to Support the Biz

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Image from Adult Time

If you join a premium tube site, not only are you accessing HQ movies with some of the biggest stars, but also you are paying the studios directly for their work. When you watch illegally shared, pirated versions of those movies on the web, you are basically taking money from the studio that is putting in the time and effort to make a quality product. 

Plus, with tubes, you are able to support the studios while still paying less than you would for a regular paysite. You may sometimes wonder why a site like Adult Time needs your money. But if everyone looked at it that way, there would be no more big studios because nobody would be paying them and they would all shut down. And no one wants that to happen. 

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Look, I get it. Tube sites make things so much easier when you want to find a hot video fast. But when you look at all the pros and cons of free tubes versus premium ones, the winner is clear. Premium tubes give you the same ease of use and convenience but also high-quality content and a level of safety and comfort that you may not get otherwise.

There are so many ways to enjoy porn these days – all you have to do is take your pick. If you prefer big studio productions and the perks that come with a paid membership, you have so many amazing networks to choose from. If you’re more of a tube person, you should look into these top sites and see which one tickles your fancy. You will thank me later!

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