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How To Cancel a Brazzers Membership

There’s a lot to love about the Brazzers porn network. Not only have they been a leader in the adult industry for over 16 years, but also they have received plenty of awards, including AVN’s Best Adult Website and Best Membership Site. It is no surprise they are considered one of the best in adult and they have earned a trusted reputation as a result. With that said, there is a whole world of great porn out there and the time will come where you will want to cancel Brazzers.

Canceling a paid subscription can sometimes be a complicated process, so today I will outline the process of cancelling your Brazzers membership without any fuss. 

Once you have decided to cancel, your first step is to go to Brazzer’s support page, which you can access from the tour page or members’ area. Once there, you will find a detailed FAQ page divided into Technical and Billing sections. Both contain in-depth answers to various issues, including streaming a video or explaining how the trial membership works. 

Brazzers billing support includes common issues like: 

  • Odd charges on your bank statement 
  • How to confirm your cancellation
  • Explanations of membership charges
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How To Contact Brazzers’ Support 

You will see three different methods to contact their customer service team, whether it’s to cancel or for general inquiries. 

  • Call their toll-free number, with service available 24/7. There are phone numbers for both the U.S and other countries and they also indicate whether or not an agent is currently available.  
  • Add them to Skype. It is free worldwide and all you have to do is click the icon. This will start the call whether you have Skype on your phone or PC. 
  • Chat live with a support specialist. When you open the chat page you will be prompted to enter your name, email and the reason for your request. 
  • Complete an online form. This is perhaps the simplest way to cancel your membership. Just fill out a few details and submit. 

What Do I Need to Cancel Brazzers?

When you want to cancel, you will need to provide the same information you did when you first joined. 

  • Your first and last name 
  • The email you used to sign up 
  • Your username and password 
  • The subscription ID 

You can find your subscription or membership ID in the confirmation email you received when you first joined the site.  

Canceling Using an Online Form

Since using the contact form is the preferred cancellation method for most users, here is a breakdown of the steps required to cancel. 

  1. Go to Manage Account in the support portal, or click on Billing, then How Do I Cancel My Membership.
  1. Enter your username and password.
  1. Confirm that you are not a robot.
  1. Confirm that you want to cancel, then Continue.
  1. Next, you will be on the final warning page where you still have the chance to back out should you want to. Choose Continue Enjoying if you change your mind. Otherwise, proceed to cancellation. 
  1. You will land on a page confirming that your request will be processed within three business days and to expect a confirmation email shortly thereafter. 

Verifying Your Cancellation Request

If you have placed a request for cancellation and have not received a confirmation, take a look at your spam inbox, as chances are the email landed in there. If you do not find it there, they suggest that you contact support using their toll-free phone number, and they can verify if the cancellation has gone through. 

Is There a Faster Way to Cancel Brazzers?

The support page suggests calling for the fastest service. Still, the tricky part here is that you could end up in one of those “customer retention” conversations with the agent offering upsells or attempting to convince you to stay. So, for this reason, you may want to avoid it. 

The (good) news is that their phone lines appear to be backed up anyway these days due to COVID and they suggest using the Live Chat option for any customer related issues, including cancellations. 

Tips For Dealing With Probiller 

Brazzers uses Probiller as their primary billing service and we have received reports from users regarding issues with their service. Some people have encountered negative attitudes on the part of the agents, but the biggest complaint is the difficulty when attempting to cancel. 

Members have experienced long wait times both on live chat and phone, and those who attempted to cancel via online form reported not receiving a confirmation email and had to follow up several times before getting a refund. Agents are also hard to deal with because they give annoying sales pitches. 

Take Advantage of Rabbit’s MBG

We also offer members a Money Back Guarantee on participating sites. The only requirement is to sign up as a free MyPorn member. You only need to answer a few quick questions to get started. Once you have signed up, look for the gold medallion with the checkmark on the review page to see if the site participates. 

Rabbitsreview Money Back Guarantee page terms screenshot

If you join a site that is covered under this program and it did not meet your expectations, contact us within three days of joining with the following information:  

  • Sitename
  • Email
  • Date joined
  • Member ID or confirmation number

The member or subscription ID will be emailed to you once the confirmation of your membership has gone through. Our team requires this info in order to get in touch with our partners and obtain the refund on behalf of our users as efficiently as possible. Normally, refunds take around 7-10 to process. 

Note that this program is to be used in good faith, and any user suspected of taking advantage will be refused from participating going forward. 

Our Rabbit’s Team Has Your Back

No matter which way you decide to contact Brazzers, expect your cancellation process to be simple and stress-free. 

And whether you’re experiencing difficulty with their customer service or any other issue you may encounter while browsing or purchasing porn through us, our team is always here to assist you with any questions, big or small. We can even suggest sites based on your preferences. 

You can contact us anytime by calling our toll-free phone number, online via Skype or submitting a contact form.