Reality Kings ends all their videos with the tag line, “voted world’s best porn site.” Over at RabbitsReviews we rank them as the top site among every porn site we have reviewed, so obviously we think that claim is valid. But where did these “kings” come from? Well, to answer that question we need to go back to the beginning of the century…

The beginnings of the RealityKings network was founded in a college dorm room in 2000 (the college dorm room is to start-ups in the 2000s as the garage was to startups in the ’70s and ’80s). In 2001, they launched their first site, CumFiesta. Here’s the setup: The girls knock on the door, say they heard there was a fiesta party. They are asked for a password, which is just flashing their tits, and in no time they’re getting naked on a bed and wrapping their lips around a cock.

It’s kinda funny given that their company/network would become known as Reality Kings because the first site they ever launched wasn’t really much of a reality site. This is just solid, get-right-to-it, hardcore sucking and fucking and lots of cumming (ergo the fiesta of cum alluded to in the title). Looking at the oldest scenes and some very recent ones, they have pretty much stuck to the same format with the only difference being that the house is much nicer.

Speaking of those early scenes, I saw some very recognizable faces and pussies. One of them was the buxom Sara Jay. Of course we all know who she is now, but back in 2002 when she shot her CumFiesta scene she had only been in the adult business for about a year. And I’m sure you know the names Taylor Rain and Cherry Poppens now, but in 2003 when they had their “fiesta parties” they were pretty new as well

On the heels of CumFiesta, more sites followed, such as CaptainStabbin and MILFHunter, that focused on the reality genre. On these sites, hot females are picked up on the street or some other location and persuaded to have sex with a dude on a boat, in a car, at their apartment, etc. While this premise might seem pretty played out in 2014, it was quite new in the early 2000s. I mean, it was 2001 when the granddaddy of reality sites, BangBus launched. I don’t know about you, but I remember watching those videos back in the day and not being completely sure if it was real or staged.

In a definite ode to the BangBus – who would leave the women on the side of the road and drive away after they fucked them – Captain Stabbin would throw the girls into the water and motor away when he was done screwing them (he does usually toss them a lifesaver, though).



From its humble beginnings, the RealityKings network has grown from one cum-loaded hardcore site into a multi-million dollar porn empire with over 30 sites. But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

One of their properties, DareDorm, is a site that claims to have hardcore sex and orgy videos filmed and submitted by actual college students looking to win a cash prize. They are well filmed and definitely have that amateur, fun feel to them and were this site launched back 10 years ago I might have had to think twice as to whether they were staged or not. However, we live in cynical times and I have seen a whole lot of porn, so I’m not buying it (although, that isn’t to say that the scenes aren’t pretty great anyway). But I digress.

The reason I mentioned DareDorm is because back in 2010 they were sued by Florida A&M University (FAMU) over the “FAMU Sex Tape.” There was one DareDorm scene that showed an orgy among what were described as FAMU students and the University claimed that this video tarnished the school’s reputation. They ended up settling the case for $120,000.

Another legal situation they got themselves into involved a suit from 26 record company plaintiffs who sued them over allegedly poaching music from some top recording artist and using it in 193 adult videos. This suit directly affected at least one of their sites that I was aware of at the time, InTheVIP.

The premise of this site began with a bunch of porn chicks and dudes going to a club and partying with nudity and hardcore naughtiness happening in slightly secluded VIP rooms and lounges. Almost all the scenes begin with a stretch limo pulling up to a club and hot girl, after hot girl, after hot girl (and a few guys) stepping out. And for all you street fighting and MMA fans out there you will see big bad Kimbo Slice as one of the bodyguards standing outside the limo helping the ladies onto the street.


In the early days of In The VIP the scenes were much more “real” with filming in the actual clubs with lots of blurred faces of all the non-porn peeps. However, as time passed they stopped filming the rest of the club and now scenes only take place in the private VIP rooms and we have no idea if there is even anyone else in the club. But, again, I digress.

The point here was the music and the fact that in those early vids I remember hearing plenty of very popular songs playing during the scene in the club and then I remember checking out the site again a few years ago and not hearing those songs anymore. They had gone and overdubbed “club” music over every such scene.

Sure, not every site on the network is still updating, but enough of them are that the network is producing at least two new scenes every day and there are already thousands to check out. The company has also changed with the times and the technology. They have obviously gone through a few site redesigns and they also switched over to filming everything in HD back in 2009/2010.

Also, in 2009 they brought their brand to TV with Reality Kings TV (RKTV) which is available on both Direct TV and Dish Network as well as through video on demand.

So, is it the world’s best porn site? Where would you put RK on the list? Would it top your list or not even make your top 10? Let us know.

RealityKings is currently the highest rated site on RabbitsReviews. The site was first reviewed in 2007 and received a very high score, but it still found itself behind VideoBox on the “top sites” list. In 2008 the review was updated and it jumped up one point, but it wasn’t until 2009 when VideoBox dropped one point that the two sites were tied for the top spot. They remained tied until a 2012 update where RealityKings found itself all alone atop the list, where it has remained. However, with sites like BrazzersNetwork, METArt, Twistys and NaughtyAmerica right on its heels, who knows how long it will be able to hold on to first place. Only time will tell…
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