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Dylan Taylor 

By: Dylan Taylor
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Remember Jack Nicholson sitting at his typewriter in The Shining? "All work and no play makes Jack a dull guy." If Jack hadn't been in such a killing mood in that movie, he surely would have wanted to fuck. Secretary Sin is a Wicked Picture site that provides office urges with their due representation, which helps you to fill in the blanks of that fantasy you had this afternoon.

Nothing makes one horny like working at a desk all day. Everyone around you is dressed in office uniform – suits and ties, form-fitting skirts and stockings, shoulder pads, high heels, leather bound feet. The mind can afford to wander as pushing pen across paper and opening and closing windows on the computer becomes mechanical after a while. How often have you wanted to cause your own SecretarySin and bone your secretary after hours or have that babe in the cubicle opposite you go down on you during your lunch break? What about your boss?

Do you dream about hiding under her desk while the office carries on with its daily affairs? Do you think about bare-ass pussy on your desk and stocking-enveloped legs wrapped around your head? Do you fantasize about slamming her on the desk or bending her over the boardroom table? How about seeing great, big gobs of sticky, white cum splattered across her glasses or having a hard cock stuffed between her glossy, red, cum-covered lips? Just try not to get any on her suit! You have a meeting at 2:00.

Though the sign at the home page says, "Exclusive and non-exclusive secretary, teacher and office pictures and movies," you likely won't care what's unique to this site and what's not. This is because there simply isn't enough material. I only found three movies.

The videos are about 14 minutes long and, while the Windows Media flicks will be faster to download, the MPEG movies are by far worth the wait. Opt for the Windows Media versions and you'll get what just manages to pass for average-quality playback. The MPEGs, on the other hand, all look good. The material spans lesbian action, hardcore, masturbation, and shoe fetish genres.

You also don’t get a lot of photo galleries, as there are only 33 picture sets in total. Each is previewed by a thumbnail and contains an average of about 92 pics per set. Unfortunately, you can't save any of the galleries. However, all of those sets come filled with high-res images.

With your membership, you also get access to the All Exclusive XXX members area, which means admission to other sites. Updates for all sites are posted at this main members page, but I must say that there's only one update every six weeks or so here. You'll want to give your secretary a raise at Secretary Sin, but you probably won't want to bother signing up with it. There's just not enough material to make it worth your while. Hopefully that will change once it's grown some more

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