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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Wicked Hearts Boutique may sound like some sort of posh little shop, but it's actually the name of a website that brings you "female domination from the slaves point of view." That's right, this content is designed to make its members feel like they’re on the receiving end of all kinds of verbal abuse.

So just what kind of abuse will one encounter while visiting WickedHeartsBoutique? Well, there's cuckolding, small-dick humiliation, ass and foot worship, financial domination, cum-eating instruction, sissification and more. If any of that gets you excited, you'll want to check out the videos.

The movies are divided into four categories: instructions, humiliation, worship and domination. Once you click into a section, you'll see that each has a desciption of the setup and a good-sized thumbnail. There really was a lot of scrolling involved, though.

I counted a grand total of 293 videos. You'll find Windows Media, QuickTime and MP4 files, but not all three are provided for each movie. Quality varies a bit from flick to flick (I even found some HD ones), but a decent portion offer good-quality playback.

The photos have their own section, but instead of the 32 sets of pictures being separated into galleries, the images are all spread out on the same page, which, again, creates lots of scrolling. Personally, I wasn't very fond of the way these were presented, but I was happy to see that some were high-res.

Nothing is dated, so it can be pretty tough to discern an update schedule. The amounts have improved since our last visit, but I have no real way of knowing if they're still updating. The site might be adding something new about every three months, but I won't know for sure until we come back.

While Wicked Hearts Boutique could improve its design, the site's still worth looking into if you're in the mood to be told that you're pathetic or that your cock is small. I say that because it does offer some stellar-looking vids and makes them available for a reasonable price.

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  • Comment by: Syntax

    Score: 20% Date: 10/23/2009

    A quick followup to my initial review - I just tried to cancel my membership and it is almost impossible. the site has no customer service contact and it takes a google search to find their FAQ page (The link on the site itself is permanently broken) This page in turn links you to two billing agents and the one that I used, DHD media are failing to respond. in order to stop paying I may have to cancel my CC! BE WARNED!

  • Comment by: Syntax

    Score: 90% Date: 10/16/2009

    I gave this a try and its a mixed bag. The basic site design is uncluttered if unsophisticated and the videos are excellent if slow to download.

    The content is original and at first glance extensive. There are currently 3 main Mistresses (although Trisha Uptown only has five videos) and a guest page. There are several categories of POV film here, financial domination, sissification, small dick humiliation and more. In each, one (sometimes two) of the ladies talk direct to you and verbally abuse you.

    Unfortunately the picture section is laughable and the blog page is even worse. When it comes to the videos, the quality is good but the range is limited. I loved the Masturbation instructions clips and the number of Mistresses on the guest page means that whether you're after gentle and condescending or harsh and abusive there will be one to suit your mood.

    Unfortunately there are not so many different types of POV femdom available to make and with so few regular mistresses you can get bored with the site relatively quickly. I didn't enjoy the site's main mistress or several of the common categories which quickly reduced my interest to a quarter of the available videos or less. I suppose that's not a fault of the site, just personal quirk.

    If I have a complaint I would say the site could be better organised. An ability to search by theme or to search the guest page by mistress would have been welcome but this is worth a try to anyone searching for something different

  • Comment by: subbietom

    Score: 100% Date: 07/14/2009

    The Women on this site are fabulous. i get weak kneed just looking at them. The videos send me into an instant slave state.