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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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What would make "Jeopardy" an even better game show? Well, how about if the contestants were hot pornstars, they didn't have to answer in the form of a question and every five questions they had to remove some clothes? If that sounds like a show you would watch, then Pornstar IQ is something you should consider. There are some problems, but let us begin with the positives.

PornstarIQ is pretty original in its conception. Each scene involves some porn babe answering 20 general-knowledge questions and removing clothing as she does. That is it. However, I really enjoyed it.

Spending 10 minutes or so with a sexy pornstar as she talks about herself and answers questions really gives you a sense of getting to know her aside from what she looks like with a cock in her ass and jizz on her face. You'll find out how smart she is or isn't when she can answer some questions but not others. Question: Who wrote the play Julius Caesar? Answer: Hamlet (I'm not making that up).

One thing I was a little confused about was what the overall goal of the site was. Some of the vids I watched were "round 1" and some were "round 2," but I'm not sure what the rounds mean and I didn't see any chicks showing up again as if they had made it past the first round.

What I did see were 21 videos featuring 21 sexy trivia-answering chicks, each with an excellent-quality Windows Media video to download and a set of about 50 high-res pictures. There are no dates or mention of an update schedule, but I think they are updating weekly at this point.

Now, you are probably thinking that as much fun as the scenes sound, you aren’t gonna pay the expensive membership fee for just 21 trivia episodes. And, if that was all you got I wouldn't blame you.

However, your membership comes with access to 19 other sites, including Ass Smoothie, I Love You Melanie, Attack My Ass and Cum Is Good. The network as a whole is high quality and worthwhile, but looking at Pornstar IQ on its own isn't worth it yet.

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