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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Men Hard At Work might give you a blue-collar vibe. However, these fellows are dressed in white-collar attire. They might not have suit jackets, but they are generally sporting dress shirts and ties. At least, that is, in the beginning. It doesn't take these well-appointed lads much time to strip down to get down and dirty with one another.

It's a hard day for these MenHardAtWork, but it's not filled with hard work per se in their workplaces. Instead, it's mostly all about sucking and fucking. As Gershwin might have said, "nice work if you can get it" and you can get it if you try out this site.

The site has 111 videos and at this point, almost all of them provide HD playback (the others still are good in quality), while all have an option for portable devices. You'll notice there are logos for multiple other file formats like Flash, but anything that's not a Windows Media file has been replaced with an MP4 – even the streams.

I appreciated that just as hardcore as the blowjobs and anal sex are, the dudes usually kiss too. It's slightly more impassioned than two men who seem to just be going through the motions for the camera.

Now, as a porn reviewer, you might have the wrong idea about what my office life would be like. It's rather chaste to say the least, but apparently the studs in these scenes skipped the seminar on sexual harassment. Maybe they misunderstood "harassment" and thought it was "his-ass-is-meant" to be fucked.

You will see doctors who take bedside manner to a whole other level with their hot patients. Teachers show their students that learning can be fun especially with a cock in your bum. Casual Fridays in some offices apparently means lose the pants and underwear. You'll also see blue-collar workers, like a janitor who does something very dirty after stripping the suit off of a businessman.

The 111 medium-res photo sets come in handy Zip files. You'll find that the models look like real people for the most part, even if they include pornstars, like Brad Benton, Vance Winter and Turk Mason. I could imagine seeing these guys in the street or on the subway. They'd be on their way to their boring job somewhere. Perhaps, completely unaware of the nasty thoughts that were preparing me for a daydream of creaming all over their clean-cut faces.

Although nothing is dated, we know that updates stopped before February 2012. This will give you time to check out the three other Suite 703 sites, which include Hot Jocks Nice Cocks, Im A Married Man and My Brothers Hot Friend.

You could also view some of this site's scenes and some of the others on your mobile device by joining Suite 703 Mobile. This network always offers worthwhile content and top-notch performers. Men Hard At Work offers a porn viewing position you should definitely apply for.


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  • Comment by: Peter

    Score: 10% Date: 09/19/2012

    Pro; the content looked appealing and the updates seemed frequent.

    Cons; Don't waste your money on a trial membership. It does not give you full access to the movies. It really limits what you can watch. They should disclose this when you are buying a trial membership, not after you've paid and are trying to view.