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Joodie is a chick with blog that's not unlike many out there in the blogosphere. Like many other chicks her age, she explores the trials and tribulations of being an American gal in these crazy times. She's quite often given to fits of depression and existential crises and/or cognitive dissonance. If you explore a little further, you'll find that she has a website called Postlapsaria that allows her to explore her sexual side too.

There will certainly be those who dig this kind of a site. She's a regular-looking chick with glasses and a pretty nice body. She's quite deft at teasing her audience and rarely exposes her 'special area' for her members. That kind of thing is part of the allure, however. I'm not exactly sure what the significance of the name Postlapsaria is. The nearest I can tell is that it's a song by a band that I've never heard of. I'm sure if I were cooler I'd know what it was, but I'm just not.

Most of the posing on this site ends up being non-nude posing, but you will get to catch a glimpse of her fully naked body in a couple of the videos. The design of this site is not bad and navigation is made somewhat simple given that there isn't that much content to get around to. The site tour promises frequent updates, but given the dates on her material, she can go a couple weeks without adding anything. Lately, however, updates are happening at least once a week.

There are 24 photo sets right now. There are 12 in the photo section and I spotted another 12 in an archive section. You won't find any high-res shots here, just slightly below average-quality pics. They definitely have an amateur feel to them.

There are also eight videos that can't be downloaded. They stream in very poor-quality Windows Media format. One of the videos is a video update that features Joodie talking about clothes shopping and the difficulties she is currently facing. Others feature her dancing and taking her clothes off.

If Joodie seems like a chick that you can relate to, then joining her site isn't going to break the bank, as her monthly fee is quite low. Postlapsaria is really a place for those who want to spend time with an amateur chick that doesn't mind being very open about her thoughts. Anyone looking for glamor model style chicks should keep looking elsewhere.

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