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Updated on: 03/25/2016

Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
Number of Reviews: 1070
Average Score: 65

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  • More than 80 videos and photo sets have been added to the collection.
  • Updates are now sometimes twice a week instead of just once.

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Ultimate Surrender is the ultimate female wrestling site. It's where lesbian sex meets brute competition and the winner gets to fuck the loser any which way she wants. When you sign in, you'll be taken straight to the updates section with access to all the photos and videos.

UltimateSurrender continues to update regularly, usually adding one new scene per week. Sometimes you can watch the scenes being filmed live. All in all, you're getting loads of amazing matches to enjoy. In fact, at this point, you can check out 834 videos that mostly offer high-def playback. You can also find clips for your portable device. The movies last 15 minutes to an hour.

There's a live audience, so every good fight is that much better with screaming fans egging on the combatants. In addition to one-on-one, there are also tag-team matches. Seeing two victors demanding sexual services from two defeated babes is a double victory. Those watching get twice the eyeful and the winners get two times the slick pussy as a prize, even if they have to share.

You also get 834 photo galleries of high-res pics and you can download them in handy Zip files. It is recommended that you view the matches from the oldest update to the latest as the win and loss records add to the drama that is the surrender.

Each match is a series of rounds. If female wrestling with a sexual twist excites you, this setup will have your libido in a headlock. Male viewers out there will be putting their chickens in a chokehold of their own and female supporters will be dripping wet with something other than the wrestlers' sweat. There are a couple of team matches to check out, too.

The info/stats section gives you an overview of all the female wrestlers with brief bios and win/loss records, along with details on the rules of engagement. A forum and store are available and there is also a link to a behind-the-scenes site that highlights content across the whole network (it can be accessed without a membership).

Finding everything isn't hard, but the site could make it a bit easier to navigate through its updates. The problem is that it doesn't let you jump to specific pages other than the first and last pages. There are multiple pages worth of content, so getting to the ones in the middle is a bit of a pain.

Ultimate Surrender is a nice break from the usual and its sexual wrestling definitely stands out from the rest. It's worth checking out.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Brad

    Score: 3% Date: 02/08/2011

    I was fucking looking at bdsm because I was curious. I come across Ultimate Surrender, and I saw a video. I'm like WTF? These girls look all fucking manly. They're all fucking ugly. I don't see how this shit turns guys on. I mean you might as well fucking see men wrestling each other. Two chicks or teams wrestling each other to fuck like a man. That's not even a fucking women. These are the most ugliest girls I have ever seen. Also the guys are fucking ugly too on the side. This shit just makes me think wtf is going on with the world. Ugly ugly women and worthless. They should grow a dick and a fucking beard. They should call it ugly man chicks wrestling. Fuck You!

  • Comment by: Lucid

    Score: 99% Date: 08/02/2010

    Pro: Everything

    Con:Need more Jayden Cole matches and i'd love to see oil in some matches.

  • Comment by: freeDOM

    Score: 99% Date: 07/31/2010

    if they diddnt want to do it they wouldn't have accepted the position from their agent or casting director/Producer! I am a "Male Model" [different site & agency, I wish i could get Kink!] and there are a few (not all)but a few scenes i turn down because I am uncomfortable with them. the model must judge what is comfortable against the compansation which for this sort of thing is ample! Sorry, just sick of hearing the religious right about the dehumanization of women when none of them have the balls to see some hardcore gay porn! sometimes dehumanization is what gets you off! Love the open forum hate the haters(ironic!)!

  • Comment by: Kyle

    Score: 95% Date: 12/14/2009

    Like many others have said, I'm tired of seeing fake wrestling where the girls are smiling as they gently "defeat" their opponent. It's predictable and not very exciting.

    Ultimate Surrender has years worth of videos you have access to when you sign up. They have white, asian, latino, and black wrestlers. They have rounds to satisfy people with foot fetishes, people who like hardcore action, and people who like humiliation.

    The point system is also brilliant, and I think it's great how the girls who wrestle actually chat with the guys who watch their videos in the comments section! No other site I know has that.

  • Comment by: RobMBA

    Score: 95% Date: 07/23/2009

    Great Site, not the best of the offerings. Was a member last year for the tournament won by Syd, this years is off to a good start, would definitely recommend.

  • Comment by: jbp

    Score: 5% Date: 05/22/2009

    it was great when they wrestled barefoot, but the ungly shoes did it for me. The owner says its due to foot injuries but thats total bullshit.
    Plus the matchups are always one sided
    so yawn......

  • Comment by: asmith12

    Score: 95% Date: 04/16/2009

    BY FAR the best site in the catfight category. It looks that they REALLY have no scripts and real wrestling.

  • Comment by: unsatisfied

    Score: 5% Date: 01/18/2009

    they charged me twice and my account dosen't work

  • Comment by: Dogorman

    Score: 60% Date: 01/17/2009

    The wrestling is super-hot and the chicks really go at it -- but PLEASE, for the love of God, somebody SHUT THAT GUY UP, who keeps quoting everybody's score in the background!!! Ruins the WHOLE THING!!!!

  • Comment by: RT56

    Score: 100% Date: 01/08/2009

    Don't listen to the idiots. First of this is real unscripted wrestling and the take the wrestling seriously. It's not your generic lets look at close up of pussy porn site. IF you want to see close ups of the goods then your at the wrong place! This is real wreslting and an amazing score system! Hell they created an entirly new sport!