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You know that your gal gets a little extra randy when you give her a little smack on the ass, right? How about when you wind up and give her a nice hard slap? Does she squeal with delight, or does she yelp with pain? Either way, the answer to the age old Zen riddle 'what is the sound of one hand slapping an ass' can be found at Brutal Spankings.

For the most part, what you'll find at BrutalSpankings is some run of the mill, everyday, ordinary spanking content. There's nothing too out of the ordinary here and nothing that could possibly be considered extreme. If you're more likely to order vanilla than something daring like mocha valencia, then you'll probably like the not too harsh spankings at this site.

I was expecting something a little more extreme, given the name of the site, but I was still pleased to see some hot babes getting their tender bottoms turned nicely red. The content does seem to be a bit older on this site and not every chick here could be considered 'hot,' but they're all ready, willing and able to get some sexy spanking action happening.

There's a pretty good amount of content here. There are 98 videos and 96 sets of pictures of lighthearted discipline. Most scenes begin with some chick confessing to or being caught in some kind of transgression. For example, when some students get caught being naughty, the teacher must use the hand of corporal punishment to keep them in line. This, of course, offers us an excellent opportunity to see their beautiful backsides and to hear the loud smacking of his hand against their ever reddening rumps.

The quality of the video content is where everything starts to get a little sour. The best I found was a very poor-quality Windows Media format. They can be downloaded or streamed in an embedded player in your browser window. The clips don't usually last much longer than five minutes or so. Most focus on the spanking scenarios, while some do get hardcore.

If you're wondering about the pictures, things do get a little better here. They are available in a high-res size, but what I noticed was that when I enlarged the pictures, most tended to look a bit on the blurry side.

If you don't mind that the content is a little bit older and that the quality of the videos is very poor, there is enough content at Brutal Spankings to keep your hand busy spanking your monkey for a while as you watch some chicks getting spanked.

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