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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I know it makes it sound like all the other girls on the other cam sites are robots, but, Real Girls On Cam just means that these are true amateur chicks doing the cam thing from their own rooms with their own cams just for you.

RealGirlsOnCam claims to be a different kind of cam site and at first I was skeptical. Sites make claims like that all the time, but end up being just the same old song and dance. However, in this case, it is kind of true. The focus of this cam site is you and the girls connecting for more then the two minutes it takes you to shoot your load. Let us take a look.

Upon landing on the site, you will find a short little write-up about the site concept and a menu bar at the top of the page. Click on the 'meet the girls' link and you will see everyone who is currently online. There are currently 72 models in all and there were 16 online when I checked them out.

Each model has her own page with pics and a few paragraphs about who she is and what she is into and many also have info about the cam they use and their internet connection. Some of them even have separate web pages with more info. If that isn't enough to help you decide if she if for you then just contact her on MSN, AOL, Yahoo, email or whatever she has. Each girl has a list of the chat services she uses to communicate and her name on them.

Not only am I telling you to contact them first, but they also recommend you chat with them before making any purchases. That way you can talk about what you are into, what they can do for you and anything else. Once you have decided to purchase time, the process is quick and easy and you are ready to get into some hot camming.

The prices do differ from girl to girl, but on average it looked like it was about $20 for 10 minutes and various intervals up to $100 for 45 minutes. Now, like I said, it does vary and if you want voice chat it is a little more and the same if you have a special fetish request or multiple girls, etc. Again, that is all something you will discuss with the model before you spend a dime.

Also, there is no clock counting down. Sure, if you try to stretch 10 minutes into 20 the model will probably tell you to buy more time, but if you just need another minute to finish your thing, it is probably not going to be a problem.

I have to say that I had a really nice time with the model I chose. She was gorgeous, accommodating and talkative and since she has already gotten paid before we started, there is none of that stripping slowly to get me to spend more time that you find on some other sites. Cam quality varies from model to model also, but I was happy with what I saw with the chick I chose, although the image was a little stop and go.

If you are a veteran of live cam sites or new to this whole thing, check out Real Girls On Cam. Chat with the girls and let them help you out. It is free to do that, so you got nothing to lose.

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  • Comment by: john blocks

    Score: 30% Date: 04/12/2010

    I like that.

  • Comment by: FormerRealGirlsPerformer

    Score: 50% Date: 01/12/2010

    From a performers perspective, I have to say that the management is lacking. From the first contact with the admin, I got the vibe that I was being talked down to. I also did not like the dictatorial nature of the administration stating that girls who run their own sites must you their payment processor on her site (even if the girl finding her own customers and bring them to HER site). Realgirlsoncam wants to give the performers the idea that they are "independent" but in reality Realgirlsoncam is just a pimp.