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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Sexy Lil Devils is one of those sites that while it has a lot of good, also has some real negatives as well.

I'm feeling good today, so let's start with a good point. The SexyLilDevils themselves is a good point. These chicks all seem to be in the 18 to 23-year-old range and have a very sexy amateur appeal to them. These chicks aren't polished porn performers, but they sure do try and the individual personalities and styles are something I really liked.

The bad news is that the quality of the videos makes it hard to full enjoy these Sexy Lil Devils. The photos are large and high-res, but the videos are downloadable in really mediocre-quality Windows Media format. They also don't seem to have a very good idea about lighting and some of the stuff was also too dark.

Some more good news is the variety of content. There are some solo strip scenes, some handjob episodes and even some hardcore fucking content. Some bad news is that some of the scenes just cut off at the end. Moreover, I saw at least two scenes that either finished before the money shot or had content different than what the thumbnail picture made it look like it would be.

The amount of content available is also disappointing. So far there are about 25 videos and 100 photo sets available. The numbers aren't exact because while some models have multiple episodes, others just have one episode split up into multiple clips.

I am not sure whether the update schedule should be considered good news or bad news, because I have no idea what that schedule is. There are no dates on any of the content. However, they do say something about 'regular updates,' whatever that means. For the sake of their score, I will assume that regular means once a week, but that is something to look at once you join.

Why would you join you ask given the low-quality of the content and the average amount of it available? Well, that brings us to the final good point: the price. For under $10 a month or under $35 for an entire year, you can have access to SexyLilDevils. This is an incredible price for a site with pictures and videos and bonus content in the form of six individual model sites with some more pics and vids.

Since the low-price tag Sexy Lil Devils isn't going to make a big dent in anyone's wallet, so it can safely be checked out by anyone interested. Then, once you are there you can see how often they add new stuff and if it feels worth it to stick around for another month or even a cheap year.

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