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Updated on: 07/06/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1384
Average Score: 65

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  • This site continues to grow in leaps and bounds, bringing you thousands of photo sets and hundreds of videos.
  • The streams seem to be fully functional at this point, so you can jump ahead in the footage from the moment you press play.

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This site is scored on its photo content—not videos!

Femjoy bills itself as "pure nude art" and if you agree that the female form is a work of art then I'm pretty sure you'll agree with the site - and these females will certainly bring you some joy.

Now, since I didn't see any contact info for any of the models, the joy these females will be bringing you won't be the "live and in person" kind. But the photographic and video kind is good, too, right?

Speaking of content, there's a lot of it here. The sections list it as thumbnails and as you scroll down the page you can keep elongating the list. At first it made counting seem tricky, but then I realized you can eventually display all the videos, all the photos or all the updates on a single page.

If you'd rather see smaller bits of content at once, you can also select a month and year as well as sort the collection by a few other criteria. You can also browse the "models" section and look at the collection that way.

I can now say that there are 563 videos and 7,133 photo sets with confidence. Every week they add one movie and 15 sets of pictures. Also, more good news would be the fact that most of the photos are available as gorgeous high-res shots that can be downloaded in Zip files and the videos generally offer HD or even Full HD playback (the ones from many years back don't).

So what kind of nude art are they making on Femjoy, you ask? Well, it's mostly solo, softcore porn produced with beautiful camerawork, lighting and settings. There are also lesbian scenes, but again these are focused on the beauty of the naked female form and not on any kind of hardcore lesbian licking and such. It's all done in a classy and erotic way.

There aren't any bonus sites, but you're joining this site for its gorgeous girls and softcore erotica. And given how much content there is and how often they add new material, this is a membership that's worth having.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 1% Date: 03/10/2016

    This site accepts over edited photos from the photographers.the most sets are ruined by photoshop. That's why it is rated so low instead of being one of the best

  • Comment by: fuzzyham8856

    Score: 50% Date: 06/17/2015

    Just tried to subscribe to via the Rabbits Review website. Completed the online CCBill form and when I pressed the Complete Transaction button I was sent to a page that contained the following:

    "An email has been sent to to confirm your signup.*
    Please check your email and click on the link provided to complete your transaction.

    * If this is the incorrect email address, please click the back button in your browser and enter the correct email address on to your signup form.

    If you do not receive the email, verify that it is not being blocked by spam filters. If it is being blocked, add the domain to your list of Safe Senders. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your e-mail provider for assistance."

    The URL was

    I have never seen this message before when using CCBill. I did not receive an email and when I press the resend key I get the following message:
    "Gateway Time-out

    The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application."

    Please help.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:06/18/2015): Hi, fuzzy. I sent you an email.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 1% Date: 04/12/2015

    FEMJOY used to be the best softcore site. However right now it is nothing but over edited photos. And masturbating models look ugly. men, it is NNOT FEMjoy"s style. STOP IT !!!!!!

  • Comment by: george37

    Score: 90% Date: 02/19/2015

    Great for what its meant to be : solo models, but yes why are all the sites photoshopping their photos?????

  • Comment by: Ant

    Score: 1% Date: 01/11/2015

    I agree, same problem : photoshop ruined everything.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 1% Date: 12/10/2014

    Like Metart, Femjoy overuses retouching and editing. The girls on the photos look unnatural and unalive. Keep away, do not waste money

  • Comment by: Andy

    Score: 20% Date: 11/10/2014


  • Comment by: toto90

    Score: 1% Date: 10/13/2014

    Rip off alert!!!
    When you sign up they will sell you 2 subscriptions, one for femjoy and another for joymii for a total of $35 for both sites.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:10/20/2014): Thank you for the comment, toto90. We note in the Price section of our review that there is one pre-checked cross-sale.

  • Comment by: Jamesy

    Score: 20% Date: 04/15/2014

    Please note there is little or no Site Support.

    If you submit a query to them they do not reply to you.

    If you cancel your membership they do not allow you the full time you have paid for - they cancel it immediately and will not reply to your questions as to why.

    This is NOT the Femjoy of old - the previous people running the site would fix any problems you had without any trouble at all. The new people running the site look on it - and you - as a cash making exercise purely and simply and they do not want to have to deal with the day to day things that happen on a website.

    A VERY POOR SHOW Femjoy!

  • Comment by: SexFiend

    Score: 82% Date: 03/04/2014

    This is a good site for softcore. The gals range in age from 18 to 30 something. Most are pretty, and some are absolutely stunning. Some of their gals are fashion model caliber!

    The best that can be said about Femjoy is their photographers. They know how to light and shoot. They use multiple lighting set ups, backdrops, and sometimes luxurious settings. The photographers are after art more than porn, and they do a very good job. They know how to set up a scene and light it.

    Gladly, you want some beautiful softcore in your collection to go with your hardcore. Sadly, the two will never meet. The hardcore photographers can't light a scene, can't hold the camera straight, and can't keep their damn hands off the zoom ring. Femjoy won't annoy you with amateur photographers. You won't need Dramamine to avoid sea-sickness.

    The site lacks good search features. You can't search for brunettes, blondes, or redheads. You can only search by a gal's name, and you can search by her bra cup size. Femjoy should include eye color, age class (18-25, 25-30, over 30), etc., and they've told me that they plan to implement these soon. Likewise, you can't search for 'Toys' because there aren't any. You can't search for 'action' because there is any of this, either. But what you do find here is damn good! The photography is consistently good, and the gals have (get this).... their hair combed! Try to find that at a hardcore site! The hardcore sites don't let you search for 'hair brushed', 'nice make-up', and 'good photography'.

    I can say this: There is a place in your collection for softcore that is photographed by pros. Femjoy has some very fine shoots and some absolutely stunning models. I can't compare Femjoy to Met Art because I've not had an account with Met Art, but I am very happy with Femjoy and what they have to offer -- class! Any collection of porn needs some of this in it, so I highly recommend that you give Femjoy a try.