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Adam Strong

By: Adam Strong
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If you're thinking about doing something naughty in public, just know that there's always a bit of risk involved. After all, you wouldn't want to get caught by the police for indecent exposure. Or worse - attract someone who's really, really ugly. That's why my hat is always tipped to those Risky Amateurs who are willing to show us their boobies anyway.

All the content on RiskyAmateurs showcases chicks 18 to 30-something, mostly in the under 25 range. Some are just hanging out with the cameraman at a park, others are shopping in a sex store and plenty more are partying at Mardi Gras. However, this isn't just a flashing site and most of the chicks seemed sober while showing us their goodies.

The variety is actually due to the fact that none of the material is exclusive, but it's still really hot. Some scenes just have the camera following chicks around as they sneakily give quick peaks at their butts, tits and pussies whenever they think the coast is clear. Others have a bit of lesbian action and it's probably safe to say that about half show masturbation. If done in a car, it's usually of the five-finger-fumble variety, while movies taking place in a sex shop employ dildos and/or vibrators.

The content isn't dated, but the "coming soon" videos tell us that new material is being added every other day. Even though the homepage shows you when the most recent scenes across the network were added, with so many sites on Wank Pass, it actually makes that update table kind of useless since it can only fit about five days worth of updates. However, regardless of what's dated where, the collection isn't growing because old content is taken down when newer smut is added.

That same homepage has banners for all of the sites, such as Public Wasted, Scandal Shows, Public Sex Shows and Strip Club Cheaters (there are also gay and tranny sites). To find this one, simply click on its banner and you'll be taken to its movie section, which essentially makes up the entire site. Obviously, this means that there are no pics. The design is kind of barebones, but not to the point of being ugly or making it difficult to navigate.

There are 130 videos and each can be streamed in three different sizes as well as downloaded in an MP4 file. The download is always an HD file, but the stream seems to get worse the larger you make it. I suspect either the smallest or medium-sized stream (depending on the individual vid) is the real movie and that the other two are just using different zoom ratios. Regardless, I recommend sticking with the downloadable version for every one.

If you like seeing amateurs getting naked in public, then you will likely enjoy the material on Risky Amateurs. However, you've probably already seen it elsewhere if you're really into this kind of porn and there's not exactly a lot of it anyway.

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    Shit website, don't even bother, stick to Reality Kings.