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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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*NOTE: Her content can now be accessed through Phil Flash.

If ever a chick deserved to have the term "cutie" after her name, it is Megan. With her sweet face, long, curly hair, full-sized tits and round ass, this is one sweet babe. If, after taking one look at her, you feel the same way, then you will love Megan QT.

With its nice look and easy to navigate menus, Megan's site is as easy as you wish she was. However, MeganQT doesn't give it up that easy. Instead of just stripping down and showing us everything, Megan has decided to tease us with the possibilities without ever revealing it all.

Sure, she'll pull off her bra and grab her nice tits or strip down to a little thong, but will she give us a peek at her naughty places? Nope. You'll just have to imagine how tasty, soft and tight they are. Still with me? I thought so. Then you'll also be pleased to know that this site doesn't skimp when it comes to the amount of content available.

There are about 342 videos of Megan to check out and in them, she appears in and partially out of a variety of sexy outfits. The vids can all be downloaded, but they do vary in quality. They also come in a couple of different formats, with the old ones being available as MPEGs and the newer ones being available as Windows Media files. The best of the movies are available as high-def Windows Media files, so be sure to give them a look.

As if there weren't enough videos to keep you busy, Megan also gives members 407 sets of pictures to enjoy. The images are high-res and like the films, they feature Megan posing in a variety of sexy outfits. She does strip down to nothing at times, but she doesn't let you get a glimpse of her pussy.

Megan hasn't added any vids or pics to her website since late 2008, so it seems as though updating has stopped. Given that, it'll only be a matter of time before you run of vids and pics showcasing Megan. Luckily, there are some bonus videos and extra photo galleries to help prolong your enjoyment of the website.

With all the Megan QT material plus the extras, any softcore lover would be crazy to pass up this cutie.  However, you'd also be crazy stick around for longer than a couple months since there are no more updates.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 98% Date: 12/27/2014

    The movies for very very nice, Love seeing Megan and cant what to see more. Thank you..

  • Comment by: Samuel

    Score: 100% Date: 02/05/2010

    Okay the main woman i dream of...the guy that is either on his getting married to this gal is sure damn lucky. I have been to her site and have actually seen pictures of her nipples on the internet. Apparently her ex-boyfriend got a little mad about being dumped.
    She is definately fine as apple pie. She is perfection. She will lite you up as a christmas tree on christmas morning and still dump you in the same breath.
    We are talking about Porn though hugh! She is amazing. By the time she was 20 yrs. old she started posting nude pics. She is amazing woman with an amazing body. She can take care of herself very well...though i am sure lots of us guys wouldn't mind helping in this department. I know i would :) In my opinion...i think she is due a playboy contract. I am sorry but there is really nothing bad about her site. Though i may suffer from going without Megan QT syndrome some weeks...and man does it hurt.
    Its fun..i get all the nude i can stand i am not a member. Sometimes at night i shut my eyes..just to picture her beside me in my bed at night..then i have the most amazing fantasys about her. Kisses Megan QT from your biggest fan Samuel O. Noble. I can't wait for tonight's fantasy.

  • Comment by: OniJester

    Score: 90% Date: 04/21/2009

    She's hot but the lack of zips is a big minus but the fact that while it is technically non-nude but plenty of shots of her exposed breasts add points and in her vid and photo set for her in the suana she even has full exposed breasts. Though zip sets would make it a perfect 100 for current content the lack of updates also is a down side but the current content is massive so it evens out in a way till you see all current content.