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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I've said it many times before and I know I'll have to say it again, sometimes porn passes itself off as art. At New Nude Magazine, art is what you get by design, not by deception. I will admit that there is a least one section of the site where the nudity seems to be slightly more gratuitous, but if one grants a certain artistic license to the photographer, then it can still pass for art. Personally, I willingly forego licensing formalities anytime naked ladies are involved. As you can tell, I am a kind of a tongue-in-cheek connoisseur of art, rather than a true blue judge of artistic merit.

New Nude Mag is huge and is really like an online version of the magazine. There is a lot to see and I imagine if it was printed, the hardcopy would be almost the size of a small phonebook. I will do my best to summarize as much as possible all of the content available. We begin with a section entitled 'photographers.'

Here you will find a list of 57 well-established photo artists with a brief biography and some samples of their work. I'll say straightaway almost all the images on this site are high-res and all of them without a doubt are high-quality images. Most of the photographers have a sample gallery of about 10 to 25 photos. A section called 'classic masters' contains some samples of work by some famously deceased artists from a more vintage period of photography.

There are 59 photography books reviewed on NewNudeMag. These are in depth serious critiques of various published collections and along with the texts, there are normally again a few samples (six to 10) of what's inside the books. In case, it isn't evident already, this is a serious site about photography, but yes, the theme of every artist or publication featured is almost exclusively the nude female form.

The Exclusives are a collection of interviews and articles relating to the world of photography. Obviously, the images featured as samples are not necessarily exclusive since they come from an artist's known works, but the writing is original and some of the articles have lesser-known or even original works included.

On the main homepage, you'll find 'features,' which are the latest articles and layouts for the current publication of the magazine. Again, there are both well-written articles as well as samples of the works mentioned. Even more content is to be found under the 'news' section, but this is mostly text-only stories about new photo technologies, general human-interest morality stories, gallery launches and exhibit openings. I further discovered at least 27 professional models with online portfolios, as well as a photo contest section with amateur-submitted pictures of models. Finally, there are forums containing user-submitted art including at least 1,200 images.

If you want something different from ordinary porn, something intelligent even thought-provoking and artistic, then NewNudeMag is definitely a good place to begin a cultural, not only sexual, voyage of self-discovery. Your annual subscription is inexpensive and includes printed materials by mail as well as the online version of the magazine.

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