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Updated on: 10/17/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 1381
Average Score: 65

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  • It would appear that more than 500 videos have been added and probably many more times that amount of photo sets. Updates remain frequent.

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When a sitename is a proper name it's usually because it's named after the person who performs on it, but with Abby Winters there is no such woman named Abby. Instead, she is a fictional device that the site decided to use when they first launched.

The site started in Australia back in 2000 when the producers were feeling really disappointed with the quality of amateur content they were seeing online. Amateur models were being dressed up and made to look less amateur, whereas they understood that the appeal was that the models didn't look like pros. With that in mind they set out to shoot girls in their own homes and in their own clothes (and out of them, too, of course).

At this point you will find yourself with 7,239 movies (the newest are in Full HD) and 8,474 high-res galleries. The movies can also be streamed and downloaded in one or more formats each. Something new is added almost every day, but keep in mind that they add videos in parts, so it can take two or three updates to get an entire video.

With such a large collection the site could have been confusing to navigate, but that is not the case. I had no problem getting around. That said, the pages are extremely graphically intense and so you do need to be patient at times when it comes to things loading (some surfers gave similar feedback). Still, there is good reason why it is one of the top amateur sites online. Save all your favorites, sort the content and use keywords to find similar porn.

Not only are the girls true amateurs, but also we really get to spend some time with them. These aren't five-minute strip scenes. The solo scenes especially spend time talking to the girls, or at least having them talk to the camera before, sometimes during and after they get to the stripping and masturbation part. There are also guy/girl pairings, as well as a few glamorous sets in the smaller "after dark" section.

There is, of course, lots of variety among the girls when it comes to their looks, body types, personalities and how they perform for the camera. The fact that they are in comfortable surroundings probably helps them feel more open to just be themselves and you can tell that it is all real.

There are no fake orgasms, lame, heavy breathing or fake moaning. One of the girl-girl scenes I watched was one of the most genuinely sexy lesbian scenes I have ever seen. There was no doubt how much these two chicks liked each other and were genuinely happy to be together.

Abby Winters might not be a real person. Still, the site that was started in her name 14 years ago has become a top spot for true amateurs and those of us who love them, but it is a bit pricey. Still, I highly recommend joining, if you've got the cash and you take yourself on a quite an extensive free tour before spending any money.

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  • Comment by: Anonymous.237

    Score: 65% Date: 10/19/2015

    Since its move to Amsterdam in 2010, this site is a shadow of its former self. The FAQ promises 3 new models per week; in fact there's 1, sometimes 0. Highly expensive. Mediocre to poor photography. Most of the models are not first timers. The tech support is appalling: feedback is not even acknowledged, let alone responded to. Despite the protestations of management that download speeds are great, in fact they're terrible most of the time.

    The best thing about the site is the pre-2010 archive, which is enormous, and contains enough really good true amateur porn to make the subscription cost worthwhile for a month or for as long as it takes to find and download what you want.

  • Comment by: Anonymous

    Score: 1% Date: 01/10/2015

    The reason for the high number of videos us that there a a large number of 1-2-3-45 minute movies.

    Searching for photos-movies is ..... well impossible comes to mind.

    Download speeds can be glacial.

  • Comment by: nshville

    Score: 9% Date: 10/28/2014

    After years of waiting,I finally broke and joined . I really wish I hadn't and saved the $39.00. The Videos are extreeeeeeeeemly slow to load, could take an hour like mine, and this is on a fast and new computer.Then when you go to watch, about a minute recorded, the rest of it didn't make it.If you plan on downloading a clip, you better take some time off from work. Very frustrating to navigate and a total waste of $39.00.I joined to get video of Gretchen, I didn't..I tried 4 times.

  • Comment by: deadsurfkiss

    Score: 90% Date: 09/07/2014

    Abby Winters is fucking awesome! Hands down one of the best adult sites on the internet today. These are real every day women, and that is the best part of the site. If you can't get excited by that, then there is a ton of sites with ugly, tanned silicon sluts all over the place, take your pick.

    My only complaint is kinda what others are saying, and I agree. I think there should be more photo sets of the girls. I understand people got families and jobs and shit, but it would be nice to see at least 5-6 sets instead of 2-3 per girl. Just a small gripe. Loved the site nonetheless. I have to put the porn down now though, cuz I'll never make it to class. Was a good 30 days!

  • Comment by: bob

    Score: 70% Date: 07/03/2014

    Site is good. Pricey, but high quality. I have been a member off and on for several years. Biggest complaint this time around is the S L O W download and streaming for most of the day. If I log in early in the AM I get fast downloads and streaming. After 10AM until almost midnight you can forget it.

  • Comment by: WTF Abby?

    Score: 25% Date: 08/20/2013

    this site was great when it was split up into the three $25/mo options, but making you pay $40/mo for stuff you don't even want is just stupid

    last time i subscribed to the $25/mo "intimate" section, i held onto that subscription for something like 8 straight months...longest subscription i've ever had, so they got $200 off me and i got what i wanted

    for a $40/mo subscription, i'd make damn sure i suck the site dry within that month and not have to pay for 8 months at that outrageous rate, but i don't have the time right now so fuck it

  • Comment by: barndv

    Score: 55% Date: 07/01/2013

    $40 for a lot of mediocre looking women, with not a lot of picture sets. When they do serve up a really fine natural looking outrageously tasty dish she has ONE picture set! KARUPS serves them up all day and they'll have 6-20 sets! An overall ripoff of possibly the most overrated site in porn site history. To add insult to injury they really don't want you to cancel, because they make it so hard. Their biller is GM but you can cancel out of the AbbyWinters website. My cancellation apparently took but I received no email confirmation. Next step, I look up my account with GM billing.....nothing-no record of any account. I paid $40 for this aggravation?

  • Comment by: jaybran

    Score: 70% Date: 06/05/2013

    Some really fine women, but I found there weren't as many picture sets per girl as there are on other sites. And there is no longer the "solo girl" subscription for $25. Now it's either $40 or you go the piecemeal route by buying individual sets. We all know how ridiculous and expensive that option is.

  • Comment by: berlinnn

    Score: 90% Date: 05/25/2013

    Just subscribed, great content, frequent updates. I like that you can select a "No-rebilling" option. There are many nightmare stories about the customer service of these billing companies so it's good to know that I have control over the period of time I want to have a subscription for.

  • Comment by: verge007

    Score: 95% Date: 01/04/2013

    One of the best amateur sites I have ever seen. The models are very natural and I like that. Most shoots (movie and picture) are really perfect.
    Sometimes the girl keeps her clothes on for too long what ruins the set. I'm not a big fan of the interviews and backstage photosets. It's a shame that not every shoot has a video and pictures.
    Overall, AW is a very good site that I would recommend to everyone.

  • Comment by: Handyman

    Score: 70% Date: 09/02/2012

    Has some good content. Too many interviews bad camera work, and oh yeah.....teach the girls how to turn thier vibrators on please.

  • Comment by: VS

    Score: 95% Date: 04/17/2012

    This is one of the only amateur sites I've subscribed to multiple times over the years. The content is unparalleled in it's realism and the girls, for the most part, have a very natural beauty. The worst part is that they've raised their prices dramatically over the years for the same amount of content. If they weren't so expensive, I'd probably have a annual membership.

  • Comment by: Guy

    Score: 90% Date: 12/19/2011

    I enjoyed this site when it was Aussie based.
    Now based in Holland I don't think it's quite so good. Less frequency of updates is one point.