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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Private Classics is home to an archive of digitized versions of Private magazine as well as a collection of the studio's movies. Now you may or may not be aware that this magazine launched in 1965 and was the first hardcore porn mag to be printed in full color. Founded in Sweden by Berth Milton Sr., his son moved their headquarters to Spain in the early '90s, although the company is incorporated in the U.S.

What has grown into a massive distributor of adult content (they provide pay-per-view movies for loads of major hotels around the world), this collection will show you the simple roots of this now global success, from the '60s through to the current decade. You might expect more conservative content going back that many years, but this old-school smut is gritty and hardcore.

The site's design is nice, but I did have an issue with navigation and the fact that I was only able to jump ahead a few pages at a time when browsing the collection. You see, this meant a bunch of clicking to get through to the last page and/or to any specific page I might want to explore.

The photos and videos are in one section and this can get annoying, but if you scroll down the homepage you will see that you can check out just the magazines (from where the pic sets are taken) and at the top of the page you can go to the "movies" section. It made counting everything a little tricky, but that shouldn't effect you since you don't have to count everything, you just have to enjoy it.

Speaking of counting, I got about 125 videos and 540 photo sets. The movies can all be streamed in an embedded Flash player as well as downloaded and they offer good-quality bit rates. As for the photo sets they contain high-res images and can be saved in Zip files.

When you see all this porn from decades past you'll realize how much of what we see now is devoid of any natural appeal, with models airbrushed and digitally altered to the point of not even appearing human. I'm sure some of the pics here have been retouched and some women have a ton of makeup on that's very apparent in the enlarged photos and the movies, but they still have imperfections.

I guess it's like listening to vinyl records versus a digital recording. The occasional hiss or tiny skip gives the music a unique charm. The sex here is sometimes a little messy-looking and not as sterile and neat as some of today's porn.

Nothing is dated on the website, but since our last visit they have added a couple hundred photo sets and about 125 vids (there were no videos on our last visit, so I can't judge how fast they are updating the movies at this point). Private Classics will appeal to those who wish to take a journey through a classis porn publication.


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  • Comment by: schwantz

    Score: 10% Date: 11/28/2014

    I is Joke , completely rip off ,most Photo Sets are off poor Quality, there are maybe 20 Magazine from the 90 out off hundreds .Same Story on the Movie side there is no Downloading ,and everything is very slow. They use to have better website in the past
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:12/01/2014): Hi schwantz. I sent you an email. Private Classics does offer downloads, so if you're having an issue accessing content let's see if we can assist you.

  • Comment by: BOB

    Score: 50% Date: 11/15/2014

    Love the old Private movies. Was under the impression that you would have access to all of the old movies. When I joined you got 24 movies and that was all. Should be a huge library. Don't waste your time!!

  • Comment by: Will

    Score: 30% Date: 04/21/2014

    This site is a rip off. Rabbit's has misleading information. The downloadable pics aren't 3000x2000 resolution as you mention but a paltry 830x582. Very disappointed. I specifically signed up thinking finally a classic porn site with high rez pictures. And why does Rabbit not show which is a much better classic site? Makes you wonder ...
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:04/21/2014): Hi, Will. I sent you an email. Our review is due for an update, but the first three images I checked while browsing the members area had resolutions above 3000x2000 so they are most certainly available. As for Color Climax, we closed our review for the site in 2011.