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Some people have names that really fit them and Natalie Nice is one such person. If you had to describe her in a word and were barred from using ones like stunning, breathtaking, beautiful, hot, gorgeous and sexy, you'd probably describe her as nice. After all, she's got nice hair, a nice face, a nice smile, a nice body, a nice ass, a nice pair of tits and nice legs. I hear that she's got a nice personality as well, but I can't confirm that since I've never had the pleasure of meeting her.

Given that her official website is simply called NatalieNice, I suppose that this blonde beauty isn't as imaginative as she is attractive. That said, I do appreciate it when a site tells me exactly what I'm getting right off the bat, so perhaps it is a good thing that Natalie sacrificed creativity for clarity.

If you count yourself among Natalie's legion of fans, her website is definitely where you want to be. There are 82 movies and they're all waiting to be discovered in the section of the site labeled "videos." There are 81 picture galleries as well and they're all found in the "photos" section. Previously, both the vids and the pics could be found in a couple different locations.

The vids can be streamed in an embedded Flash player and a good number of them can be downloaded as Windows Media and MP4 files. The best flicks are high-def, but even those that aren't are still fantastic. As for the pics, they're often high-res and you're free to view them in slideshows. Some sets can also be downloaded in in Zip files.

Whether looking at vids or pics, you'll mostly see Natalie showing off her hot body, masturbating and getting down and dirty with some of her equally stunning girlfriends. There's no hardcore guy/girl action to be seen, but Natalie still manages to provide you with more than enough inspiration for some raunchy fantasies of your own.

It look like the site is updating at least twice a week right now, so you shouldn't have to wait too long to get something new. If you do find yourself waiting, you can kill time by conversing with Natalie on the forum, taking a look at stuff she's done for other websites and checking out photos of a few of her friends. You can also take in live cam shows from time to time.

Natalie Nice warns that you may need an extra box of tissues when visiting her site and she's not joking. If you love hot blondes (and chances are that you do if you've read this far) you'll definitely want to give Natalie's website a nice, long look.    

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