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I Feel Myself

Female orgasms are the stars of the show in hundreds of videos sent in by members including students, moms and amateurs with one common goal: showing you their best orgasm video. Find out more about your favorites in the interview section or use the forum to talk to other members. Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy the orgasmic ride the daily video updates.

Rabbit score: 82%
19 Customer Reviews
4.6 out of 5 stars
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A.K. Anderson

Update done by A.K. Anderson

Published Dec 04, 2008, updated on May 04, 2017

Pros and Cons

  • many high-def videos
  • advanced search engine
  • daily updates
  • download limit
  • not mobile-responsive
  • no user comments or ratings

I'm feeling pretty satisfied today and it's all because I Feel Myself. Wait, that came out wrong. Let me restart. This is a site that focuses almost entirely on the female orgasm. They state that we're far too often exposed to "images of eroticism that ignore or trivialize the female orgasm" and it is their goal "to counteract that imagery by providing a confident, affirming, and sexy alternative."

A good way to think about IFeelMyself is as an indie porn site. And I don't mean because the videos are low budget, but rather the opposite. The production values are high, so what sets these scenes apart is that you're not getting the same old cookie-cutter productions being spewed out by some big porn studio. You can think of this as artisanal porn with carefully handcrafted scenes.

There are 4,319 clips on the site, but since some are parts of longer scenes, the actual number is much lower. I'd say that there are probably around 3,100 videos. That's a great number and the amount is improving all the time thanks to daily updates. There aren't any photos.

Find your favorite girl bringing herself to a wild orgasm with her fingers, toys or the help of a friend. When gal pals get together to focus on the elusive female orgasm, you can bet that the action isn't just wild, but also a sensual, erotic adventure that you don't generally get from other hardcore sites. There's a wide range of models and they all look to be having genuine orgasms.

If you want to get a little more intimate with some of the babes, some have a recorded bio. I watched an adorable Aussie named Devochka talk about her interests and studies. Not all the models have these, but they're fun to watch and add a personal touch. These amateur girls keep it real and for me it upped the hotness level when I watched them pleasure themselves.

The films can be streamed and downloaded in Windows Media and QuickTime files for the older ones, but since May 2009 you've had the option to go with different formats and higher-quality files that have gotten even better over time, including many high-def MP4 files. The default streaming video only plays in a small Flash player, so I strongly recommend that you save the movies.

There's definitely a voyeuristic element to a lot of them, so those of you who get off on that will enjoy them even more. I should mention that there are quite a few interview clips as well and they give some great insight into female sexuality. They're quite interesting and informative, so don't skip them.

I Feel Myself isn't a perfect site, but it's unique and will satisfy those who can't get enough female masturbation. There happens to be a daily download limit, so be sure to pace yourself. There's also a forum as well as banners that you can post on your blog to help promote the site. If two people join because of you, you'll get a free month's membership.

Latest Review Update

(May 04, 2017)

Since our last review of the site :

  • There are over 1,800 new scenes and they continue to update daily.

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
4.6 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 15
  • 4 stars 1
  • 3 stars 2
  • 2 stars 1
  • 1 stars 0

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Customer Reviews

  • Dirt--Dog
    By Dirt--Dog on Mar 24, 2017

    The site design it outdated and it's expensive, but still one of my all time favorites.

  • superden
    By superden on Jul 30, 2016

    This is the best site I ever joined. It features ordinary, natural girls (most of whom are really attractive) having intense, genuine orgasms. I especially like the way the videos are shot - the girl is just left on her own to do what she would naturally do to bring herself to orgasm, with no direction and definitely no faking. This results in a wide variety of masturbation techniques, sometimes using toys but mostly just using their hands (which I generally prefer), and a wide variety of orgasms, some quite quiet and very subtle, some quite loud and passionate. The camerawork and editing is also very good. With most videos they have two or three fixed cameras and cut (but not too often) from one view to another. I really love the view from above that is often used so you can watch the whole girl as she brings herself to her climax. With a lot of sites you get awful, messy camerawork with frequent changes of camera angle, zooming in on pointless close-ups, panning the camera across the girl's body etc, in an attempt to be clever and 'arty', but in reality just destroying the flow and eroticism of the girl's orgasm. Here they tend to just hold on to the overview of the girl so we can watch her climax develop naturally. Another big plus point is the girl/girl scenes which are some of the most erotic and natural I've ever seen, for all the reasons listed above. The cons? Well it's difficult to find any really. As the girls are all natural you may not find all the body types to your taste but there is enough variety to suit pretty much everyone. On the whole though, I would highly recommend this site, which is the very antithesis of those awful (mainly American) sites I so dislike, with their fake overly made-up girls, fake over-the-top screaming 'orgasms', messy, frantic editing and crude vagina-obsessed camerawork. By superden on July 30, 2016

  • JohnKGH
    By JohnKGH on Jul 23, 2016

    I feel Myself is mostly women who are faking Orgasms. Every women is different, and although methods change, there is a lot in common: Wetness (especially at orgasm) contractions. There is those involuntary kicks that girls get and it can't be faked. And a nice swollen and wet clit. Rarely do you see this on Ifeelmyself. I am not saying they are all faked. But the best bits are just not captured. Two stars because there are some beautiful girls.

    • Mike.RabbitsReviews
      Rabbit's Staff Member

      *Comment edited.

  • Doug
    By Doug on Sep 08, 2015

    I have always enjoyed female masturbation as a fantasy and in watching porn. Pros: I think I feel myself is the best that there is on the web for amazing real women pleasuring themselves. I usually have several solo stroking sessions a dya, so the download limit is somewhat of a limiting factor for me but I still think the cost is worth it. At present, IFM is the only pay "porn" site I subscribe to but I think that this is not the packaged and mass produced "porn" we've all grown accustomed to, it seems way more intimate and real, like you are right there in a mutual session with the artist. The female orgasm and the ways to get there is truly a work of art. I highly recommend this site if you enjoy watching masturbation scenes and the occasional lesbian scene both with and without toys. Cons: Mainly, it is the download limit and the somewhat tricky navigation. I would like to be able to browse by some simple categories like "toys" "hair colour" and so on, but these are minor improvements. Finally, it seems some of the videos are not high definition enough for today's technology. I watch on a large flat screen and when I go full screen, some videos are too grainy to truly enjoy. I want to watch a crystal clear image of something that is such a turn on like this!

  • stark
    By stark on Oct 02, 2014

    If you like this genre, this is the obvious royalty of all of them. A much, much, much higher percentage of the women actually do what they do naturally, unlike just about all American sites that are full of girls faking orgasms and making cheesy, stupid porn sounds at the same time. It's a wonder that it's 2014 and no American site has figured this out. The only con is that the studio shoots are rather dark at times, which detracts from many of the videos. There are literally a few hundred truly hot, real scenes here.

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