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Rabbit score: 74%
    • $39.95/30 days


Mobile Friendly

The guys behind this Asian site want to add value to the Japanese porn movies you watch. In order to do that they write exclusive subtitles for every bit of dialogue in the scenes and they also write long scene descriptions that do much more than just describe the action. You can check out lots of good-quality videos, including many that are exclusive.

Rabbit score: 74%
6 Customer Reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Satine Von Stratten

Update done by Satine Von Stratten

Published Feb 28, 2014, updated on Jan 10, 2017

Pros and Cons

  • many good-quality videos
  • many English subtitles and descriptions
  • frequent updates
  • download limit
  • expensive membership
  • no advanced search

Do you love Japanese, Korean and Chinese porn, but feel like you aren't getting the best value from it because you don't speak the language? Well, worry no more, because there's Zenra! But this site does more than just add English subtitles. There's also an attempt to give you a full porn and cultural experience and I have to say that they succeed in doing exactly that.

Not every scene is subtitled yet, but lots of them are and they're working every day to make more and more of them available. And this is all done in-house - these are completely exclusive subtitles. Also exclusive and done in-house are the write-ups - and these aren't just a few bland sentences, either.

They're expanded scene descriptions that are meant to serve as "a 'naughty' Wikipedia-like entry," there to satisfy three criteria: "1. Summarize the movie, 2. Provide background information about said movie and also include unique, cultural Japanese tidbits when applicable, and 3. Commentary." Adding the subtitles and these lengthy descriptions really adds value to the content.

I will say that while I was a little overwhelmed by the site when I first signed in, the design and navigation weren't an issue after the first few minutes. I got my bearings and scrolled down the homepage and paged through the expanding list of subtitled videos. The update schedule changed slightly and you can expect to get three new feature-length DVDs each week (that means 10 or so new scenes weekly), with the third update being an exclusive one.

While you won't find any actual photos on the site (just vid caps), there are currently 2,096 videos (these are the total amount of scenes from around 300 or so DVDs) for you to stream and download. They all seem to have different bit rates, but the majority give you good-quality playback, so they're definitely worth saving.

I should explain a little bit about the membership. Those who select the "download + streaming" option can download and stream movies that don't have the "exclusive" tag, as well as stream movies that do have the "exclusive" tag. Exclusive movies can only be downloaded by subscribers who request the free opt-in VIP upgrade that's available to those on 90-day subscriptions, monthly subscribers for 3 or more consecutive months, or those who write detailed reviews on certain review sites. That VIP upgrade includes a 20GB monthly download limit. For regular downloads there's a 10GB daily limit.

Another thing I want to mention is the pixelated genitals. This is all straight-from-the-source porn, so be aware that most of it does have the classic blurred-out naughty bits. It's annoying, but it's something you just have to deal with when you're enjoying authentic porn from Japan.

You can get Asian porn movies on many other sites, so why come here? Well, if you don't speak the language and hate having to figure out what the performers are saying/doing, then Zenra gives you added value with their exclusive and well-researched subtitles and scene descriptions.

Latest Review Update

(Jan 10, 2017)

Since our last review of the site :

  • They've added 410 new scenes and the update schedule increased to three DVDs per week (the third being an exclusive one).

Members Area Screenshots

Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
4.3 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 4
  • 4 stars 1
  • 3 stars 0
  • 2 stars 1
  • 1 stars 0

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Customer Reviews

  • Breather
    By Breather on Nov 12, 2016

    Unlike most paid adult websites asian or otherwise Zenra has a wide verity categories. Now I know most adult website subscriptions include either memberships to multiple sites and or multiple categories within a website. Zenra categories are different from those of other websites; on most websites each category consists of a single storyline repeated in the same or very similar location, and only the female actress is different in each video. Zenra categories are different, each category consists of numerous stories set in a verity of locations. Not only are the stories and locations different, but also both female and male actors are different as well as the ages of the actors and actresses in each video within a single category. One of my favorite attributes of the Zenra website are the subtitles; each movie comes completely subtitled. I don't know how other people feel about subtitles, but for me personally I find Asian movies much more enjoyable when I know what the characterize saying. The only aspect of the Zenra website that could used some improvement are the preview images; I would rather have fewer large preview images than several small preview images. At first I had a little trouble downloading the videos, but I quickly found a solution. I'm a Mac user so this probably doesn't apply to PC users. In order to downward the movies hold down the *Control* key when you click on a downward link, a small pulldown menu will appear, chose *Save Link As…* and a pop-up window appears. In the pop-up window you can change the name of the file if you want to, and you can choose where to save the file; the default save location on Mac is the *Downloads* folder. So if you enjoy watching a wide verity of Asian movies especially Japanese ones, and would like to know what the actors and actresses saying to each other, I highly recommend that you subscribe to Zenra. The signup and payment process is quick and easy.

  • erikst
    By erikst on Jul 06, 2016

    If you like Japanese porn, then Zenra is the site for you. On this site you will find everything from just straight up fucking, to adult movies with intricate storylines. And the best part? It's all subtitled. You will also find some of the deliciously weird, extreme porn that only the Japanese make, on this site. There is something for everyone here, the variety and amount of movies are great. Some of the movies are uncensored, and some of them are censored. The people at Zenra have licensed deals with various Japanese porn companies for these movies, so by signing up for this site, you also indirectly support Japanese porn companies that you might love. The update schedule will be updated from two movies a week, to three movies a week come August! I am really glad I signed up for this site, it's an excellent, high-standard site, with a great variety of movies.

  • whynot
    By whynot on Jul 05, 2016

    PRO: Some uncensored subtitled videos which bring Japanese videos to English speaking viewers. Most a good, majority mediocre. CON: * Mostly censored videos. Some mosaic takes up half the screen. * Half are specialty videos that are bizarre, and suitable only for ones with that particular taste. * There is a glaring absence of quality lesbian videos, I found only a few of the thousands. And these are not exactly hot, but middle of the road mediocre. BIGGEST CON: The reason for 2 stars is how they handle your account. I signed up for 3 months and found that there are two types of videos. EXCLUSIVE and REGULAR. I also discovered there's a 10GB DAILY DOWNLOAD LIMIT!!! This applies to both type. Then to make it more complicated, there's a separate 10GB download limit PER MONTH for what they label as EXCLUSIVE! Their solution is if you reach this limit, you have unlimited streaming ability of EXCLUSIVE videos. A typical video is 1-2GB in size, so you reach the 10GB daily REGULAR download and the EXCLUSIVE 10GB download monthly limit quickly. One day I couldn't log in. I emailed the owner & he said I "abused" the download privileges, so he suspended my account. I'm pissed now! I continued to talk with him and he said because I downloaded 10GB every day is the reason he suspended my account. He said due to the licensing agreement with the studios, he pays a royalty for each video downloaded & the fees he paid the studios exceed my subscription fee. I told him that's too bad, but it's not my problem! I asked him why he's not providing the service I paid for, which is to download up to 10GB daily? He kept repeating the fact that the royalties are more. About 8 days later he reactivated my account. So a 3 month account became a 2 1/2 month account. My subscription expired, so there will be no renewal for these reasons. It's just not worth it when there are millions of porn sites you can download free, no mosaic and no limits! (Date:07/11/2016): We spoke with Zenra and they responded, "We can narrow this reviewer down to one of two subscribers who signed up a few months ago for a 90-day subscription and then proceeded to systematically go page-by-page downloading every single movie hitting the 10GB daily transfer limit every single day without respite. After a few weeks of this, we temporarily reduced his access to streaming-only. This type of usage is highly atypical of more than 95% of our subscribers and yes, we do clamp down on it especially when it comes to Exclusive movies which cost a lot to license (including perpetual royalties). There is no way this subscriber was actually taking any time to watch what he was accessing. Rather he exhibited behavior of simply saving as much as (in)humanly possible for future use that we note in our Terms of Service is prohibited. If you hit it every so often, we don't care at all. If you hit it a few times a week, we're also fine with."

    • Anonymous

      This is sounds like BS. I was also restricted several times... And I was not, nor is it likely this reviewer was, as the owner claims '' systematically downloading every single movie'' because there are only a couple movies per page that will actually interest you. The model of the site is to get you to download as little as possible so that after 3 months you feel you need to renew even though there is barely nothing left that interests you...because they have a lot of ''specialty'' content that doesn't appeal to most(most movies from about 10 years ago)... and that obviously didn't cost them very much... and the Irony is that even though new content would come out... that might keep me on board... Zenra pretty much guaranteed I wouldn't renew... by constantly restricting my account... Leading to videos missing parts and then becoming nearly impossible to track down afterwards... due to the FILENAMES not even following the same naming convention within the same movie.. or not even matching the Movie's name on the site. This site is poorly run... And I honestly think the ''royalty per download'' story is a LIE. I'm sure he pays a monthly or yearly fee... and just want people to download slower... and one last thing about that.... Sometimes you don't watch the movies you downloaded... and download something else afterwards... because it was not entertaining... So by his logic... you download, you dont like... go away & come back in 24 hours. What kind of philosophy is that?? With Zenra, its not about the customer... its about Zenra and what you as a customer can do to make the owner richer by making sure your membership gets them the most money possible for content that, if not subtitled, would be free... or sold for peanuts.

    • Zenra
      Zenra Webmaster

      ZENRA here responding to the comment by 'Anonymous' (we couldn’t directly reply to it) We have a 10GB daily access limit in place so it is still possible to hit the limit w/o ‘systematic downloading’. However, even if we use Full HD movies as an example, 10GB is still the equivalent of 4+ hours of content. Over 95% of our subscribers do not reach the daily access limit even a single time and fewer consume hours of adult video over a single day. There are always a few outliers that do and we need to ensure royalties paid to studio per user does not reach an amount that severely exceeds the cost of the subscription itself. On that note, ‘royalty per download/stream’ is not a lie. What most users do not realize is many other English-language AV sites have gotten away with offering so much for so little with no limits is because they are simply stealing the content. All the studios producing the Exclusive movies on our site have no other licensing agreements open with foreign paysites (a few have put older movies on VOD sites like AEBN). What we offer is a legal way to support Japanese AV studios yet still offer competitive paysite pricing. What’s more, our content is professionally subtitled and the subtitles are never sold to a third party.

  • drmaddoc47
    By drmaddoc47 on May 12, 2016

    Zenra offers something very unique in the AV field in translated Japanese adult movies, and it's actually pretty shocking what people are actually saying sometimes... kinda destroys the "cute" aspect for some scenes. I wish there was more bukkake and gokkun in general but this is changing later this year apparently. Downloads are nice and fast, however videos are broken up into parts which is a tad annoying... I personally would rather have one big download. Some of the harder stuff is a turn off for me, like the whole ghosts thing (do not understand horror porn), but I've still found plenty to like in my short time with the site.

  • Steven3363
    By Steven3363 on Apr 20, 2016

    Zenra provides a diverse and provocative collection of movies, ranging from the highly erotic, to the bizarre, to the artful, to the funny and always with high quality. It is exciting to see what they will do next, and as they have added a whole bunch of exclusive content, the site continues to be the most unique AV on the net. They address fetishes of all sorts, as well as featuring sensual amateurs and sexy porn stars. The subtitles of Japanese porn make it come alive and mix humor, serious erotica and downright sexy. An increasing number of uncensored titles offset the pixels from Japan. Updates are consistent twice a week and customer service is responsive and helpful all the time. It is a high value site and well worth the money for something truly different and high quality.

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