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'Visit 'Zenra''
30 days
User reviews:
3.4 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 6
  • 4 stars 3
  • 3 stars 0
  • 2 stars 1
  • 1 stars 2
  • 100s of hd and full hd videos
  • many English subtitles and descriptions
  • frequent updates
  • download limit
  • no advanced search
  • expensive monthly membership

Latest Review Update: May 29, 2019

The guys behind this site add value to the Japanese porn movies you watch. They write exclusive subtitles for every bit of dialogue and they also write long scene descriptions that do more than just describe the action. You'll find 100s of HD and Full HD vids including many they have the exclusive rights to show in the west. There is a download limit, though.

Do you love Japanese porn, but feel like you aren't getting the best value because you don't speak the language? Well, worry no more, because there's Zenra! But this site does more than just add English subtitles to its Asian scenes. There's also an attempt to give you a complete porn and cultural experience, and I have to say that they succeed in doing exactly that.

Only about three of Zenra's 729 DVDs don't have subtitles. And the work is done in-house - these are entirely exclusive subtitles. Also unique and done in-house are the write-ups - and these aren't just a few bland sentences, either.

These expanded scene descriptions are meant to serve as "a 'naughty' Wikipedia-like entry," there to satisfy three criteria: "1. Summarize the movie, 2. Provide background information about said movie and also include unique, Japanese cultural tidbits when applicable, and 3. Commentary." Adding the subtitles and lengthy descriptions add value to their content and help make the site unique.

The design was streamlined since our last visit and the homepage doesn't give you visual overload anymore. The graphics remain plentiful though with many DVD covers to preview and a snarling dragon lurking in the shadowy background. Still, with just a bit of scrolling, the latest updates - which you get every 2-3 days - will come into view.

At the moment, you get about 3,000 individual scenes given that most DVDs have 3-5 each. You generally can't download a DVD in its entirety and only vid caps accompany each scene. When it comes to the playback, the bitrates vary, but over 1,350 scenes are in HD or Full HD - there's no indication of the resolution before you download though. You can also order a custom-made video.

A design aspect that I like is that every scene indicates whether or not it has subtitles, if it's in HD, if it's uncensored and if it's exclusive. Now, "exclusive" here doesn't mean they produced it themselves, but it does mean that they have the sole rights to show it in North America, which is pretty cool.

Now I'll explain the membership because it can get confusing. Those who select the "download + streaming" option can download and stream the movies that don't have the exclusive tag, as well as stream the movies that do have it. The 380+ exclusive DVDs can only be downloaded by subscribers who request the free VIP upgrade that's available to those on 90-day subscriptions, monthly subscribers for 3 or more consecutive months, or those who write detailed reviews on specific review sites. They'll usually process your VIP request within hours of receiving it and it includes a 25GB monthly download limit. For the regular downloads, there's a 10GB daily limit.

Another thing I want to mention is the pixelated genitals. This is all straight-from-the-source porn, so know that most of the scenes blur all the naughty bits. It's annoying, but it's something you have to deal with when you're enjoying authentic porn from Japan. Still, you'll find about 145 titles tagged "uncensored."

Speaking of tags, you've got some for the models too, along with a basic search. They used to have Series and Categories sections to browse with some overlap between the two, but now they just have Categories, like lesbians, schoolgirls, onsen (Japanese hot springs) and newhalf (trans). Browsing by Studios is also an option, or check out the most popular movies by month and year stretching back to 2018.

You can get Japanese porn movies on lots of other sites, so why come here? Well, if you don't speak the language and hate having to figure out what the performers are saying or doing, Zenra gives you added value with their exclusive and well-researched subtitles and scene descriptions. It's also worth mentioning that they're very responsive to feedback and take the time to reply to those who post comments on our Rabbits' review page.

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  • Number of movies 3000+
  • HD Porn Yes
  • Streaming Yes
  • Average Length 20 mins
  • Download Limits Daily
  •  (10GB + 25GB monthly for VIP members)


  • MP4 (1920x1080; 5000k)
  • MP4 (1280x720; 3600k; streaming)


  • Pic Sets N/A
  • Pics Per Set N/A
  • Zip Sets No
  • Pic Res N/A
  • High Res No

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
3.4 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 6
  • 4 stars 3
  • 3 stars 0
  • 2 stars 1
  • 1 stars 2

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Customer Reviews

  • Ega.βαηυρεα
    By Ega.βαηυρεα on Sep 22, 2018


  • Timodjin
    By Timodjin on Sep 01, 2018

    No problem with the quality or the navigation. But is is far from 2000 movies, rather 300 hundred. But since they have cut all movies in to 20 minutes pieces it looks like a lot more. Without the 3 month subscription is not worth it. It is almost nothing there without the exclusive option and you need to contact the support to have them unlock and that takes one extra day to wait for. Uncensored is less than 50. I would not have waste my money if I would have known what I know now. Timodjin

    • Zenra
      on Sep 01, 2018
      Zenra Webmaster

      ZENRA here. We never claimed a 2000 figure. That was done by a reviewer at Rabbits. What we are clear about is our update schedule: 3 updates a week with most being around 2 hours long. We clearly show all our updates on the main page in a pull-down window so there is nothing on our end we are hiding. While we do require users to contact us for the VIP upgrade, it takes a few hours at most. We opt not to automate this due to fraud prevention reasons. Lastly, per uncensored, while our site is mainly censored due to censored movies having better production value and stories, we do regularly add uncensored and have more than 50 titles. We hope you enjoy your visits.

    • Timodjin
      on Sep 01, 2018

      Timodjin again. I like to add that the support has been great and friendly.

  • Fabio.Bajwa
    By Fabio.Bajwa on May 17, 2018

    Japanes porn is beautiful and Zenra gives it that fillip that makes a hardon actually start to drip. I am not a member yet but have watched their sub titled porn snippets. And they add value. I have lived in Japan for a few years and have experienced their massage parlours a few times. Though termed as a Gajin, very many let me due to my persisitence. The Japanese massage videos, particularly the gir girl girl variety are beautiful, but watching them, i have often wondered what the masseuse is saying . But Zenra adds the sub titles and suddenly there is magic. On visiting Zenra, I am confused what I can see with 1 month streaming subs. Can I see all videos and download a few? A response will be helpful

    • Zenra
      on May 17, 2018
      Zenra Webmaster

      ZENRA here. Thanks for the message. 30-day Streaming-Only subscriptions let you stream *all* updates from 2015 onward. Titles before that were encoded differently and while streaming is available for them, we do not guarantee their playback. If older movies interest you, please select a Download+Streaming plan.

  • Anonymous
    By Anonymous on Sep 17, 2017

    First thing I do not subscribe to porn sites however I made an exception for I'm studying Asian cultural sociology; Korea, China, Japan are my current focus. Here is what I like about Zenra: Eclectic selection of subjects and categories, from weird to common place. I also appreciate captions in English. Though for the most part it's straight forward and easily figured out. I'm utilizing Lesbian catagories. Why? Studying women on women from different Asian cultures have similar undercurrents as to why. Dominant, unfeeling, unaware males tend to influence women to test lesbian waters, some stay and some don't, but they have experienced same gender sex so they have an opportunity. Will you be my lesbian friend series is insightful and I appreciate the AV models confess to using fraud as enticement. Yes I know these are staged, it's still interesting to study. The other Lesbian category are Hot Springs vacation series. The interviews before is along the lines of what I'm searching to understand. These conversations provide many hidden insights into personal initiative for testing same gender waters. It's enlightening and original, unscripted and meaningful. I'd love to see a video of first timers being interviewed after a few weeks to measure social changes, i.e. did their friends notice a difference in their behavior? Has it affected their life in a positive or negative way. So far these kinds of interviews don't exist except for 20 year later discussions and they aren't Asian either. What I don't like about Zenra, actually it's not Zenra itself, it's a production company. It's only one segment but it's a sad one to watch, Having Sex in front of my friend. Interesting premise for certain and the one that left me cold was a young lady in a yellow dress agrees to have sex but it spins out of control for her and in the end both girls are in tears or close to it. Cost is a bit more than expected and limited viewing band width.

    • Zenra
      on Sep 17, 2017
      Zenra Webmaster

      ZENRA here. Thank you for the review (and Rabbit, please add the ability to make paragraphs). Per the 'lesbian onsen' series, although the maker hasn't filmed any more, we still will be releasing one more--the final one--this November. So there's at least 4 more hours (4 scenes) of this content on the way.

  • blnkspc
    By blnkspc on Jun 16, 2017

    I've been a fan of JAV movies for a long time, and for the longest time it was nearly impossible to find English translations for them. While there are still not a ton of translated resources available, there is Zenra. First of all, the website is pretty nicely laid out, they have a rolling list of all their translated videos so you can easily check out what's been posted over the last few months. At the top of the site there's a toolbar that allows you to look for specific series of videos, actresses, studios, and general categories. As far as the actual videos go, they have a surprisingly varied amount, though they do tend to lean more towards some nontraditional fetishes there's a good amount of "normal" content as well. Still, consider it a word of warning if you have any problems with more extreme content. Mix of censored and uncensored videos. My Japanese is a little bit rusty, but from what I can tell the translations are very accurate. Streaming videos works fine on both my computer and crappy android tablet. They do have a 10 GB download limit per day for their non exclusive videos, and a 25 GB per month limit for exclusive. Streaming seems unlimited, so you do have the opportunity to watch before downloading, which is helpful. Yes, the site does cost about $10 more than your average pornographic website but due to the content I think it's worth the extra premium since you're not going to find translated AV videos easily. All in all, I highly recommend this site to any fans of JAVs who are willing to pay a bit of a premium for access to subtitles and some uncensored content.

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