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Dreams Of Spanking

'Visit 'Dreams Of Spanking''
'Visit 'Dreams Of Spanking''

  • Newer videos come in full hd
  • exclusive content
  • lower monthly rebill
  • can't save favorites
  • no advanced search
  • streams have to load before skipping
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Latest Review Update: Apr 13, 2015

Pandora Blake keeps on providing us with worthwhile spanking content. Her videos (which are now always shot in Full HD) are very interesting and always a lot of fun to watch. You won't find these flicks elsewhere, so if you want to check them out, you need to join this hot fetish porn site. It updates often, so it just keeps on getting bigger and better.

I really don't think anyone can beat the Brits when it comes to doing spanking right. Then again, more often than not, if it's a spanking site then it's coming from the U.K., which is the case with Dreams Of Spanking. Its founder, producer, director and oftentimes star, Pandora Blake, has endeavored to offer a unique spanking experience with a dedication to "fair trade spanking" and high production values.

You might not be able to imagine what "fair trade" in spanking would be, so here are some details. No one does anything they don't want to do, so just like when the term is applied to coffee beans or chocolate, it means no exploitation. There's also a commitment to making female-positive content and showing male bottoms in an attractive light to reflect Pandora's gender-egalitarian values.

It's a subtle difference in approach and Pandora's blog describes it a bit better. She says that although she enjoys being a Top, she's not a Domme by nature, but "bossing" is an area somewhere in between that she's comfortable exploring. In other words, fully dominating isn't her cup of tea, but taking charge and playing the role of an authority figure holds definite appeal.

That's what I'd say shines through in the 178 videos. You can download them in Windows Media and MP4 files in addition to streaming them in Flash with the newest videos in Full HD for all three options. You'll also find 170 photo sets mixed in among the video postings.

It was something that used to detract from the navigation a bit, because not only are there no separate sections for the videos and photos, but the thumbnails used to not indicate what was included in each post. Now with the redesign they're clearly labeled, so you know if there's a video and/or a photo set, or sometimes it will be vid caps accompanying the video.

Also below each thumbnail are keyword tags and these can help you find similar action. You can also browse by category if you prefer. You can post comments and "like" scenes, although there isn't a way to sort your view based on this rating system. Still, you can check out five of the most viewed scenes and most popular keyword tags.

Updates don't necessarily follow a specific schedule, but they do happen often enough, with seven new videos in the last month, although more than a month has passed since the last photo gallery was added. Pricing is in British Pounds, although we listed an approximate conversion to USD and it remains competitive enough. In the end, Dreams Of Spanking is easy to recommend for its unique approach.

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  • Number of movies 178+
  • HD Porn Yes
  • Streaming Yes
  • Average Length 15 mins
  • Download Limits No


  • MP4 (1920x1080; 3614k)
  • Flash (1920x1080; 2930k; streaming)
  • Windows (1920x1080; 2000k)


  • Pic Sets 170+
  • Pics Per Set 80
  • Zip Sets Yes
  • Pic Res 1600x1200
  • High Res Yes

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Average score:
3.3 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 0
  • 4 stars 3
  • 3 stars 1
  • 2 stars 0
  • 1 stars 0

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Customer Reviews

  • Alan.Harrison
    By Alan.Harrison on Oct 03, 2015

    Maybe someone should explain WHY this site is currently closed. It has fallen foul of Britain's ludicrous censorship laws. Pandora had the choice of changing the site so that it would have been unrecognisable, going into exile outside the jurisdiction of the UK courts, transferring ownership and control to foreign nationals based overseas, or closing. She has closed the site pending a legal challenge.

  • Anonymous
    By Anonymous on Feb 17, 2015

    Didn't like this site after all the hype. Spankings are real in some cases and look false and acted in others. As the English would say, she is not my cup of tea. The production quality is generally very good and I commend her for that, stories are fine and I appreciate acting out vintage scenes on a budget is hard but I didn't "get it" when some videos were made in someone's living room from a modern looking apartment with drab carpeting. There's better out there but not a complete waste of money.

  • Rhodey
    By Rhodey on Apr 16, 2014

    I love Pandora, seen her at many sites and was looking forward to this site. Some of the movies are very good, but that is it, some! I found many of them to be rather boring. I'm sorry, that's just me. She has many fans who will disagree with me but it's my opinion, and I don't like the way it's priced in UK Pounds, I ended up paying far more as an American than I thought against other sites I have joined with much more content!

  • sportyspanker
    By sportyspanker on Jul 10, 2013

    It's a nice site but I do find the fair trade ethos a little insulting to people like myself or other spanking companies who care about their work from what I have viewed. Are we supposed to assume that the others somehow exploit their models in some way? pul-leease! I might understand if it's some seedy site from East Europe or Russia, but from England? & why is there a marking system for Flash and streaming videos when you can download and view films in private? I find this annoying and you often mark many good sites lower because of this making us think the sites are worse than they actually are. & how in the name of all things spanking is Pandora's site rated lower than some like Spank my Bottom when this site hasn't had a decent new update in years. I should know, I joined up on your recommendation from your last review dated 2010 and am not very happy since my last visit there a little before that.

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