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'Visit 'Asian Sex Diary''
30 days
User reviews:
3.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 73
  • 4 stars 19
  • 3 stars 4
  • 2 stars 8
  • 1 stars 14
  • Mostly hd and full hd videos
  • daily updates
  • large community presence
  • no video downloads
  • no advanced search
  • no zipped photo sets

Latest Review Update: Jan 12, 2018

John loves to travel. He likes trying new food and visiting exotic locales, but what really keeps him coming back for more are the hot Asian babes! He gets them to go on dates and then takes them back to his hotel for a hardcore romp. His high-quality conquests can only be streamed, but at least you're getting HD footage most of the time and daily updates.

Meet John. He's a tourist who chronicles his adventures across the eastern continent. But Asian Sex Diary is about more than just the hot spots, tourist attractions and local cuisine. In fact, any reference to them is only because he's using those locations to woo a hot Asian babe before taking her back to his hotel room for sex.

In fact, the focus of AsianSexDiary is mostly how John meets these women and seduces them into going to bed with him. So the site is a mix of a blog and porn. Sections include "weekly view," "monthly view," "my conquests" and "my trophies."

The "weekly view" details what John does each day, with large thumbnails and brief descriptions. The "monthly view" simply presents smaller versions of the same thumbnails laid out on a calendar without any text. However you choose to browse, it's really a complete travelogue that not only lists his sexual encounters, but also any details about his trip.

After some dating and Facebook chatting (and sometimes flat-out explaining that he wants to film them naked and/or have sex), John gets the girl to go back to his hotel where they fuck. Some of the women have already met John and appear on other sites with him. And these sex scenes are his "conquests" that I referred to above. The "trophies" is like a model index.

John also has videos in which he elaborates on what he did and/or plans to do in order to get some pussy. Those, plus the conquest videos, can be found in the "weekly view" section, giving you a total of 2,121 videos, but if you just want the sex scenes (now at 829), then browse the conquests on their own.

New content gets added to the site every day and it looks like a dozen or so conquests get posted in the course of a month. Unfortunately, the movies can't be downloaded, only streamed, but on the bright side they tend to be high in quality and some are shot in HD or Full HD. Another nice thing about the streams is that they work well, load quickly and let you jump ahead or back at will.

There are also about 1,955 photo galleries to look through, but they sometimes contain the equivalent of vacation pictures instead of pics of hot Asian chicks. Some are in high-resolution and you might come across a vid cap here or there. You can view them in slideshows, but there aren't any Zip downloads.

There's also a section called "Try It Out For Yourself" that allows readers to get tips, advice and full reviews of sites, books, cameras, locations and even info on how to prepare and execute a trip to Asia like John does. This is actually one of the most valuable aspects of Asian Sex Diary and why there's a community presence on the site.

He also has a loyalty reward program called "Flightclub" that allows you to earn "miles" that can be used to purchase additional content. Although there are a number of ways to earn extra miles, you'll receive 100 simply for joining the site and then 100 more for each consecutive month you remain a member. So you're guaranteed access to some bonus content, even if it's just a video or two.

I really enjoyed the concept here and judging from the number of comments the scenes get, so do a bunch of his members. It would be nice if you could download the movies, but you sure can't complain about the quality. If you like the idea of seeing a guy traveling around Asia in search of girls, then you'll really enjoy this site.

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  • Number of movies 2121+
  • HD Porn Yes
  • Streaming Yes
  • Average Length 20 mins
  • Download Limits N/A


  • Flash (1920x1080; 6640k; streaming)


  • Pic Sets 1955+
  • Pics Per Set 50
  • Zip Sets No
  • Pic Res 1600x1200
  • High Res Yes

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Average score:
3.8 out of 5 stars
  • 5 stars 73
  • 4 stars 19
  • 3 stars 4
  • 2 stars 8
  • 1 stars 14

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Customer Reviews

  • bbadboy6o4
    By bbadboy6o4 on Jul 27, 2018

    I give this site a fivestar. The actor is great hes my idol. He doesnt just fuck and chuck. He treats every actresses with respect. And hes smart iwish hell contact me and be his actir one day when he retires :)

  • StanFung
    By StanFung on May 29, 2018

    I think the interesting part of ASD is all the audiences can do the same as John does. All the girls in his videos are sex workers, they're available to all men from any parts of the world, just need to bring enough money to pay the girls. I admire John's guts of not using condem in many scenes since all those prostitutes in his videos have sex with different men everyday. The worst part of this site is John never disclosed how much he paid to every sex worker, as many members look up this site as a sex guide in Asia. Also, looking forward John has guts to show his face in the new videos

    • Patrick2018

      name me one pornsite that discloses how much they pay for their models !

    • Patrick2018

      and also: the site has detailed information of every location visited, with google maps and the prices the ladies ask. The section is called monger location maps and info.

  • Chevy
    By Chevy on Apr 20, 2018

    Asian Sex Diary has to be, hands down, one of the most real, sincere and creampie-filled porn sites out there. Let's start with the PROs: The ASD updates EVERY DAY. John Tron is dedicated to his diary and will report on his daily experiences and probably 3-4 times a week post a full-shoot. (Compare that to most of these "reality" sites that might post 1-2 shoots a week max.) The shoots include cleanly delivered and edited streaming video and a series of exotic nude posing and action photos. John has his photography and videography down to a science yet there isn't the canned-studio feel that you see from other sites. The BEST part of ASD is its sincere dedication to CREAMPIES. John loves to put these girls thru a couple of positions and then cum inside of them - 70% in missionary and 30% in doggy. The creampies are real, deep and often involved continued fucking - which is how all creampies really should be. He often tries to show "evidence" of the shot afterwards - if it isn't stuck up near the girls cervix! Last, John recently started to fuck all sorts of white/black non-asians, including creampieing a bunch of porn stars on vacation - which blows my mind that they let some stranger do that! But John must be a charmer. The CONS: I guess some have complained that the videos aren't downloadable; but there are over 800 of them and downloading would take a whole damn hard drive! Some have complained about non-asian shoots. They are nuts! Those shoots are some of the hottest on his site! Look, if you are searching for more Bangbus/Mofos/Spizoo porn shoots with super high end California porn stars, ASD probably isn't your site. The girls on ASD are real, act real, and fuck as they really do. That is what makes ASD so special. It cuts out much of the porn bullshit and you get to vicariously experience John's daily routine: Hunting down girls willing to shoot and then creampieing them. I really wish there were most sites like ASD.

    • Anonymous

      fucking non asians when it says "Asian Sex Diary"? the non-asian girls are also reused content from that is pretty disingenuous passing it off as ASD content updates when it was made for dateslam and then throwing it into the updates to make sure and keep up the rating here at the very least that should be acknowledged as trying to get one over on the subscribers if it was ASD exclusive content or even a different shoot with the same girls you could argue that it is in fact ASD content but it was a project he was working on and in order to "trick" his subscribers into believing he was still in asia he had to make some some convoluted story about how these girls in los angeles flew to asia. If its not reality and is staged so be it but passing it off as that and then reusing another sites content as daily updates is worth mentioning.

    • StanFung

      Instead of pornstars, all the Asian girls in ASD are full time sex worker. So the interesting part is, all those women in ASD are available to any man on the street. The bad thing is, as a sex guide, John never told members how much he paid to every hooker, but some videos he accidentally disclosed this info.

  • Anonymous
    By Anonymous on Apr 17, 2018

    The content was great for many years "was" the best in asian amateur porn. The good thing about this site is its updated regularly. A good portion of the "Asian" content on this site is still gold and is worth it if you have never been a member that being said that seems to be in the rear view of this site. it has recently took a turn for the worst stepped out of its genre and for the past 3-4 months more than half of the girls are white which is fine if you are not the #1 site in the ASIAN section and straight up misleading but the reason is that the porn network has released some videos done by the person who runs asian sex diary on a sister site called dateslam and he decided to reuse that content. Which is compounded by the fact that he mistakenly created this rewards system called the "flight club" and put all of his backlogged content in that claiming that it was an added value for his subscribers. He has now run out of that asian content and decided to post the other work he has been working on namely Dateslam in place of asian content. It would have been fine if he decided to save those asian girls locked away in the "flight club" for times when he might be busy with other projects however that is not what transpired in this case he decided to withhold asian girls and push out dateslam content which is a much cheaper site $40 a month vs $8 so even in that sense you are getting ripped off receiving lesser valuable content updates. You can still access the "flight club” but it is behind an additional pay wall which is very misleading and costly. John seems to have moved on to other projects. Its a real shame because this really was the best site in this genre. I feel like I got ripped off the last few months because what is being posted is from dateslam and is not something I would want to pay for. I will admit that it still is a quality site but it is no longer strictly Asian more of a Mixed category.

  • her.tou
    By her.tou on Mar 16, 2018

    For my knowledge and experience, I tried so many porn sites that credited themselves as the best in the business. As I became their member on the first day, I really realized it’s just scam. I’m talked about popular pornstar ( Alexis Golden, Richard Mann, & etc); their site contain poor design web page, only certain devices or app can access their site and no guarantee for its members at all. An great example, I have once been a member of Alexis Golden but never had a chance to access her website. It’s not working on iPhone nor computer; it may work for some but requires great app or fast drive to open. Even I used the app(recommended by tech support) to login, I still can’t watch any video because the site technology is so awful. I have to do this and that; plus their multiplayer are so outdated that I still can’t play her video. Their are no search bar to some or no search bar at all to some websites. The most unprofessional thing is they won’t refund your money back even you even can’t watch any of the clips! ASD is the best you can find in the business plus it is hella cheap too(REMIND: Update Daily). There are no monger site can compete with John Tron’s site. I relate this too TTP, TP, ILoveThaiPussy, etc. All these above sites claim they update weekly, but never truth like they said. They have not as much videos as ASD and their sites are not as unique and modernize as ASD. I’m talk about commenting in ASD’s video and he reply back in couple of hours. He listened to your advice and do his best to make his members happy. The website is perfectly designed, the graphics are clear, search bar, and lot of categories to choose. ASD can support all kind of devices, drives, and apps.(NOTE: HD Stream!!) A reason that I believe some of you guys rate this site so low because you want to much out of $39.99, whic is so childish if you think deeply and make comparison. I have a lot of great thing to said, but it is late now(sleep), so believe me or not it on you. 10/10

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