Have a problem you just can’t get a handle on? Strong women have the answer. We pretty much guarantee a fresh perspective with our guest advice columnists. These aren’t Steel Magnolias. They’re Iron Maidens. They cut through the shit, get to the heart of it and give you the best advice they have. This will be a regularly occurring piece. If you’ve got any questions, send them along for some hard truth!

Self-assured, intelligent and well-spoken, MissHybrid has been putting boys (and some girls) in their place since 2009 when she started up her personal XXX website. This is where you can still find her working tirelessly to bring you an array of arousing fetish and Femdom content. This you may know, but what you may not be aware of is that before entering the adult business, she worked as an engineer as well as a microbiologist. She doesn’t mince words, so don’t expect any sugar here, darlings. Having been honored several times with Miss FreeOnes Awards and living on a lavish spread in the English countryside, she seamlessly blends kink and class, and is more than qualified to administer this installment of The Hard Truth.

Q. During my morning jog, I always see the same park attendant staring at me. Even if I say hello, he just continues to look at me. How can I confront him without making the situation worse? 

A. I would love to come for a jog with you. I find that sign language is very effective in these situations. Maybe start with a  kick in the balls. Once he is on the floor, sit on his face and say, “kiss my arse” and see how it goes. See if he acknowledges you on your next jog.

Q. My boyfriend continues to have a close relationship with his ex. I don’t want to be jealous, but at the same time I don’t want him talking to her all the time. What should I do?

A. Oh, for goodness sake, get a grip! Invite her over for a chat, crack open the champagne and end up straponing her. Next time she calls it will be you she calls for, wanting more orgasms like that. Let the boyfriend watch. He may learn a thing or two about pussy licking.

Q. My lover is open to me being more dominant in bed and I am excited to try. How should I go about it?

A. Oh, this old chestnut again?  Blindfold him, tie him securely to the bed and get the double ender or strap-on out and take him on a riding lesson. Once you have had enough, turn the light off and go out on the pull. Come home with a stud and fuck all night next to your boyfriend… maybe make him suck cock if he is lucky. Send the stud home in the morning after making it clear you want him back for more of the same that night. See if boyfriend mentions it again.

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Staplers are my passion. I find pashminas threatening. I like filthy beats. I have 15 years of forklift experience. My favorite expression is, "That's muh name, don't wear it out!" No, seriously, I'm just a regular girl that steps into her panties one leg at a time. Perhaps not the brightest crayon in the box at times, but my kind of off-color has serious staying power. Ya feel me?

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  1. Miss Hybrid

    Congratulation Rabbits, on the new site design and on the launch of this page. It is very noble of you putting in all this Hard work, tirelessly looking at porn. I hope there will be loads more questions to answer, in the Hard Truth.


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