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Whenever I read interviews with pornstars they are always asked about their favorite places to have sex, their favorite people to work with, their favorite sex positions, etc. I tend to wonder about other things like, would they go out with me and, being a bit of a tech geek, what are their favorite apps?

Well, instead of wondering, I decided to just ask them. So, I hit up some of my favorite pornstars, including Tanya Tate, Scarlet Red, Jillian Janson, Nina Elle, Venus LuxAriel Rebel and Kelly Shibari, and asked them to tell me their three favorite apps and why they love them (as for asking them out on a date I decided to wait on that). SOCIAL APPS

What immediately jumped out at me was how much these babes love social media and how important it is to them to stay in touch with their fans. Of the seven hotties I contacted, four of them had the Twitter app among their top three.


Ariel Rebel explained it like this:

“I love the twitter app because it’s simple and let me chat with my fan base on a daily basic.  I find it absolutely incredible that, in this day and age, that we have the chance to have conversations with people from all around the world in only a few clicks!  Twitter is THE funnest community online hands down!”

Jillian Jenson echoed those thoughts:

“I love being social with my fans on my Twitter page. I find the app to be more convenient than the website because I like to edit photos and upload them to Instagram. It’s useful that they get linked together so everyone can see the photos and enjoy them even if they’re only a member of one site!”


And Jillian wasn’t the only one to mention Instagram either. Nina Elle went pretty much all “social” with her selections citing Twitter, Instagram and a photo app called Nocrop saying that:

“I use Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with my fans, and Nocrop to post full length pictures.”

Venus Lux took that idea a step further by choosing the camera app on her phone as one of her three most favorite: “Camera App for selfies and giving fans a glimpse at my life. I definitely don’t miss old school cameras with film!” NAVIGATION APPS

Venus also mentioned the Maps app in her top three and she wasn’t the only one with navigation-type applications on her must-have list.

Scarlet Red and Tanya Tate both mentioned the Yelp app. Tanya said that ” whenever I am somewhere and I want to eat dinner or find closest store, I use this. IN conjunction with Google maps I can see the venue reviews then drive there.” And Scarlet said that she uses the app frequently, ” I live in the moment and like to try new shops and see if they are open conveniently.”

Scarlet (sticking with the navigation-theme) also mentioned the Waze app, saying that she uses it ” every time I get into my car, I just moved to LA and “Waze” has brought me the fastest routes, as well as precautions on the road and an upcoming traffic cop stops.” MESSAGING APPS

As far as texting/instant messaging goes, Tanya And Kelly Shibari both had such apps on their lists.


Kelly is a big fan of Trillian: ” I’ve used several IM setups on my iPhone, but Trillian seems to work the best for me. It allows me to be able

to speak with all of my colleagues regardless of where they’re located or what IM platform they use, all in one place, which makes my workflow more efficient.”

And Tanya is big on Viber: “Viber rocks as it means I can text my family back home in the UK and also phone chat for free. My Mum is not so

good with using Skype, but with Viber she can’t go wrong you just press the button to call.” ONE-OFF APPS

There were a couple apps that came up only once, one of them being Ariel’s love of Food Gawker: “Who doesn’t like to look at awesome recipes and awesome food photos??!  Food Gawker is pure porn for me ahahah.  It helps me get better at cooking by reading many different ways to create delicious dishes and also its making me a better food photographer as I learn from all the beautiful photos people submit to the site.”

And then there was Kelly who feels that Feedly is the best way to get her news: ” Feedly is fantastic for keeping up with world news as well as topical news relevant to my needs without having to go to a bunch of different sites. It also allows me to read the articles when I have the time to read them thoroughly. It feeds from various outlets, so I don’t have to rely on one source (which can be biased). The mainstream news allows me to stay on top of what’s going on outside the “adult industry media cave,” so I can potentially also integrate current events into my clients’ outreach.” MUSIC APPS

And finally we come to the biggest category of app similarity among all of these beauties: Music. Yup, five of the seven mentioned the importance of music in their daily life and among those, Tanya and Jillian are Pandora fans. To quote Jillian: ” The reason I like the Pandora app is my obvious love of music with the variety it gives and how I’m so in tune with the rhythm the way it makes my body feel when I dance. “

The three other music apps mentioned were:

Scarlet Red with Slacker Radio: “Slacker Radio speaks for itself, it saves my favorite stations and plays consistent music I haven’t heard before but love.”

Ariel Rebel with Songza: “In all the music applications I tried, Songza is really the one I prefer.  The playlists chosen are great and there is so many different styles to choose from.  I also like the fact that you can choose playlist by mood and activity like ‘Cry Myself to Sleep’ or ‘A Garden State of Mind’.”


And Kelly Shibari with SoundCloud: “I absolutely need music while working. SoundCloud has been great so far, but their recent changes will possibly make me consider a different setup in the near future, but its current ability to understand my music choices and continuously feed me similar tracks allows me to not have to stop every once in a while to change what I’m listening to. All in all, I think the non-industry apps I use allow me to work more efficiently, so I can be more focused on the work I need to do from day to day.”

So, there you have it. Oh, and if you are like me and your horny tech-geekiness makes you wonder what kind of phones these ladies are using, well, I asked them that also.

Nina Elle is the only Android user of the bunch with her Galaxy S5. All the other babes are using iPhones with Scarlet Red still loving her iPhone 4S, Venus Lux, Tanya Tate, Ariel Rebel and Kelly Shibari using the iPhone 5 and Jillian Janson has her iPhone 5s. (I have no information on who, if any of them, are planning on upgrading to the iPhone 6.)

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