Where does ScarJo rank in the top-10?

It’s been a banner year for naked celebrities, and nobody knows nude celebs better than Mr. Skin. Some of the hottest A-list actresses showed flesh for the first time this year and got everyone talking. And that isn’t even taking into account The Fappening, which broke the internet this past summer in ways Kim Kardashian could only dream about. It seems every major female celebrity has shown the goods. Sorry, Betty White fans.

The team over at Mr. Skin  have compiled their list of the Top-10 Nude Scenes of 2014. There are a couple of surprises here, but in all it features many of the names (and breasts) that wowed you. Olivia Wilde, Cameron Diaz, Lizzy Caplain and Scarlett Johansson all feature prominently. Number one on the list (we won’t spoil it for you) may be a head scratcher at first, but any fans of True Detective know exactly who the actress is and the scene they’re referencing and why it deserves top honors.

For the full list, be sure to visit Mr. Skin.

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