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Rabbits Reviews has a brand new look! Check it out!

The New RabbitsReviews is Here

Hello, readers of RabbitsReviews! As you may recall, we recently celebrated our 15th anniversary. We celebrated by rolling out a series of informative blogs, like Porn Niches That Have Gained Popularity in the Last 15 years and a two-part Where Are They Now feature. But there’s something else. Today, we present to you the brand new RabbitsReviews website and people are already loving it!

What’s New?

We’ve rolled out several big changes that make RabbitsReviews even better.

  • Introducing a new review format called Top Tier, which gives you an in-depth look on some of the biggest websites in porn!
  • New review cards give you a quick snapshot of a site.
  • New discount area lists all the deals and Flash sales we’re running.
  • A brand new mobile interface.

new reality kings reviews at rabbitsreviews

As a User, You Reap All the Benefits

So here’s the deal. As a user, our new design means a better, more user-friendly experience for you. So for all of you smartphone and tablet users, your browsing experience is going to be significantly improved. We promise you’re going to notice a significant improvement in the way it looks and feels.  We’ve also been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make things work more efficiently. That means quicker loading times and a faster site in general. We also display prominent information on review cards, which is perfect for those of you on-the-go who may just want a quick snapshot of a site. And finally, our new Top Tier review is looking at some of the biggest websites in porn and doing what no one else has done before. These are more than just reviews. We dig deep into the history of a website and truly figure out what sets them apart from everyone else.

So what do you think of the new RabbitsReviews design? We want to hear from you! Leave a comment below and don’t forget to sign-up for a RabbitsReviews MyPorn account to keep up-to-date with all our incredible discounts, relevant news and amazing contests!

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