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AVN Awards Spotlight: Athena Faris

The new year is right around the corner and we all know what that means: The AVN Awards are on the horizon! Who will take home this year’s top prizes in the adult industry? We won’t know those answers until the awards are handed out on January 26, 2018, in Las Vegas, but there are a few categories now open to public voting and I wanted to make my case for Athena Faris as Hottest Newcomer.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know who Athena is. I watch a lot of porn and there were a few girls among the 50 nominees in the Hottest Newcomer category whom I wasn’t familiar with. But that’s why I am writing this blog. To bring Athena to your attention and to tell you that I’m giving her my five votes – and hope you do the same.

Who is Athena Faris?

Adult actress Athena Faris is a born and raised California girl. She was born in Sacramento just 21 years ago. She’s a typical California spinner chick with dirty blonde hair, 32B tits and a supersexy petite frame at 5’4” and weighing a measly 115 pounds! She’s also incredibly flexible and can drop into the splits without issue. While she was probably already having sex at the age of 18, she didn’t start doing it on camera until last year. And according to all the information I could find, she only did one scene back in 2017 with the rest of her filmography (about 25-30 scenes) having been released in the last 11 months.

Net video girl athena faris lingerie
Image from Net Video Girls

Start With These Athena Porn Scenes

I can’t remember the first film I saw her in. But I do know that after watching her a couple of times I was hooked and I went on a search for more scenes, watching everything I could find from her work on Cherry Pimps to some of her taboo stepsister movies, including her first-ever adult video and introduction to porn fans around the world.
That first scene was for Net Video Girls and was part of their “Amateurs Wanted 8” series. It’s a classic casting-couch scenario where Athena (calling herself Ariel) shows up to audition for a calendar photo shoot, but ends up fucking the guy interviewing her and getting a creampie at the end. Athena plays the sweet outgoing girl perfectly and once the sex starts there’s no doubt this babe has what it takes to be one of the hottest pornstars today.

athena faris topless porn girl
Image from Cherry Pimps

Another scene I remember watching as I binged Athena’s work was for Amateur Allure. It’s a simple introduction video with an interview followed by hardcore sex – and Athena shines throughout. Athena Faris naked is an awesome sight and her fully shaved pink, round ass have adult actress written all over them. The focus is always on Miss Faris from the initial chat to the final money shot that she swallows – as would any of the top female porn stars working today.

Get Out and Vote

The easiest way to cast your vote is to head to the Hottest Newcomer voting page on the AVN Awards website and click on Athena Faris’ picture. You’ll have to login and/or sign up if you haven’t already and you can vote five times per day.
Obviously, you all know who I’m voting for. And while I hope you support my favorite girl, I would love to know who you decide to give your pick to. Maybe I can throw a few of my 5-a-day clicks toward the babe of your choice.

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