Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Or in the case of Sex Art, winner, winner, WINNER, chicken dinner! Yes, they took home a RISE Award in 2013, 2014 AND 2015. Their inaugural award was for Best New Site and then for the next two years, they nabbed the trophy (metaphorical… we don’t actually give out trophies) for Oscar Quality. This seems to be a must-join for lovers of glamcore. Not only do you get absolutely stunning women, but they’re doing all kinds of hardcore things. Sure, they pleasure themselves, but they also get with men and women alike for some saucy, smoking-hot sex. If you’re tired of the gonzo stuff, then you’ll appreciate the sensual storylines and setups. These scenes create an atmosphere, which is truly bewitching.


Speaking of scenes, of course you’re getting a shitload of them. We’re talking about 500 movies. And don’t forget the 700+ photo galleries of dazzling dames baring it all and getting naughty. Since they were the recipient of two Oscar Quality Awards, you know they set out to captivate you with quality and they deliver on all they promise. You can read the review for more info on the design and the navigation, but I will add that updates are still being posted frequently and the material is all exclusive.

Can they do it again is the big question here. Will they be nominated once again for our Best Production award? Will their fans all rally and get them a nod for Fan Favorite or Site Of The Year? There’s not much time left before we can get answers. Nominate now and get your voice heard!

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