It’s tax season and, for most of us, that means time to accept the fact that we’re not the millionaires we had hoped we’d be by this age. It’s the season for stress and crunching numbers, and you never know if you’re going to get a nice refund or if you’re going to be paying the government out your ass. But for some people, the idea of some higher power taking away their money is arousing – and that’s what we call financial domination.

When you think of domination in sex, you probably think of cock and ball torture or bondage, but that’s not the only kind domination people are into. You might be asking, “What is financial domination exactly?” Well, that’s what I’m here to teach you about today!

What is a Paypig?

Basically, a financial domination fetish is when a man transfers large amounts of money to a woman on the internet who likes to humiliate him. These men are referred to as paypigs. There are varying levels of this fetish – some of these men transfer money to their Dominatrix on a weekly basis, while others give up the majority of their fortune. Sometimes they can’t even afford the basic necessities like food because they want to spend more time with their Mistress!

These men usually get off on the humiliation of being put on a budget or by being broke. Others are in high positions of power who simply like being the vulnerable one so they can take a break from their stressful life where they have to make all the decisions. A financial dominatrix might be in charge of making a budget for her paypig and she can decide to cut that budget in half if he does something naughty.

Fantasize About Fiery Femdom Kendra James

kendra james

This type of domination might seem strange, but honestly, I’m not sure if I could resist the powers of a babe like Kendra James. If she asked me to empty my wallet, I would immediately oblige. I don’t think Kendra is into the financial domination game just yet, but she loves to humiliate men and they love to be humiliated by her.

In her Femdom videos, this fiery redhead loves to fuck guys with a strapon, tie them up and stomp on guys’ dicks. All in a day’s work! Imagine how hot it would be if she was in control of your money. This ruthless Mistress wouldn’t hold back and could make you live off noodles and water if you talk back to her!

Let Miss Adrastea Control Your Cash

This no-nonsense German Dominatrix would definitely have no problem spending all your hard-earned cash on herself. Think of all the nylons she could buy! Miss Adrastea has more than just a nylon fetish, though. She also has Femdom chastity videos and loves to tease her sub’s dick with her feet.

If you’re interested, Miss Adrastea actually accepts gifts in the form of cash. If you want to show her just how much she means to you or if you just want a chance to be her paypig, send her a nice, fat tip!

Worship Jasmine Wants Your Money

worship jasmine

When it comes to financial domination porn, this beautiful British Mistress might be the perfect way to ease your way in and see if it’s right for you. On the Worship Jasmine homepage, it says, “Your wallet should be full and you are ordered to your knees. I am going to enjoy putting you pathetic wimps in your place and manipulating your stupid minds.” She means business!

Jasmine is one seriously stunning woman and I don’t know about you, but I would love to have her talk to me like the trash I am. She wants your money, so you can offer a tribute to her upwards of $500. You can also buy her gifts from her wishlist or buy her gift cards to keep her happy. But no matter what, she’ll still humiliate you like the loser you are!

Spend Your Money Wisely on FinDommes

If you’re getting a big tax return this year, why not explore the fascinating world of FinDom and give your money to a beautiful woman who wants to humiliate you? And if you’re not getting a tax return, just pretend the government is your Mistress – they definitely love to fuck you over and over again and it’s always humiliating!

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