If you know internet porn, then you know about Naughty America porn. One of the alluring features of pornography, specifically the scenarios that have been played out thousands of times over the decades, is the forbiddingness of the acts. The archetypes depicted in the scenes, like the housewife or the cop or the teacher, are people who inevitably go against their better judgment and tap into that forbidden feeling, throw aside social acceptance and give into their desires to suck, fuck and other fun activities. But why? Why do these fictional characters throw caution to the wind? Or more importantly, why do we enjoy watching it? Because it is fun. Because it is wrong. Because it is, in a word, naughty.

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NaughtyAmerica is one of the largest and most popular networks in all of adult. Launching in 2002 and expanding to over 39 sites, they trade in the well-tread fantasies that have defined pornography for ages, but with an idiosyncratic style and a dedication to follow through on the fantasies in every conceivable angle. The Naughty America story does not begin in 1776 as they humorously suggest on their logo, but in 2002 with a couple of sites. The first was Teens Of Color, which by the name alone tells you all you need to know. It was fun, but by no means revolutionary and a rather inauspicious start for what will become a porn empire.

The other original site is the now-closed Nasty Cops. Taking its cues from reality porn sites like BangBus and CumFiesta, the scenes followed police officers around on the beat, investigating disturbances and inevitably fucking some hot woman they run into. With the show Cops already on the air for more than 15 years by this point, the single camera, documentary production style was synonymous with reality television and the scenes had that reality feel that Bang Bus carried, but with enough distance to know that you were watching a fantasy play out.

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For reasons not completely known, Nasty Cops was pulled down and never to be seen again. However, the template that would be used by the company for their future sites had been set, not just in production but in approach. Specifically, exploring the sexual taboo of fucking an authority figure or someone that people fantasize about but was just out of reach, like a friend’s hot mom or a coworker. One of the next sites was My Naughty Latin Maid, where curvaceous Latinas like Mercedes Ashley, Monique Fuentes and Bella Marie Wolf would come to clean the house only to agree to disrobe and eventually fuck in exchange for cash. The presentation was exactly the same (a single camera take with no lighting or editing) as Nasty Cops, but the camera is never acknowledged, making the viewer a voyeur on the illicit exchanges.

The Naughty America porn network grew rapidly and added several other sites in quick succession that would also become very popular. These include Bookworm Bitches (now known as NaughtyBookworms), MyFirstSexTeacher, NaughtyOffice and MyFriendsHotMom. Bookworm Bitches posts a new scene every week featuring a nurturing male teacher and a hot, nubile student that receives more than just a guiding hand and solid advice, while My First Sex Teacher takes the same premise but reverses it, with a horny male student getting the opportunity to fuck his older, more sexually experienced teacher, who is almost always playing with her sexy-as-fuck glasses. Naughty Office focuses on the inter-office relationships of horny coworkers or the sexual tension between a boss and an employee. Riding high on the MILF revolution of the early 00’s, My Friend’s Hot Mom was launched in 2004 and presented hyper-sexual yet under-sexed Moms like Ava Devine, Rebecca Bardoux and Emma Starr fucking the initially hesitant but quickly becoming all-too-eager friends of their sons.

All of the sites in the Naughty America porn network hit upon a basic formula; take those everyday fantasies that people (men, especially) fantasize about and play them out with gorgeous women and hot sex. They’re not the first company to do this, but their consistency has won over a devoted following and their success speaks for itself. The fact that almost all of the sites mentioned above have continued to produce weekly content for more than ten years speaks to Naughty America’s consistency. The fact that they have so many popular sites, the creation of the mega-site in 2008 is one of the easiest decisions they ever made.

Christy Mack in Country Girls

Not content with just continuing with what works, a malady that has afflicted and sunk networks every bit as large as their own, the Naughty America porn network continued to mold, tweak and adjust. The production values of their scenes have improved greatly from the single camera, long takes of their past to choreographed scenes featuring multiple sets, costumes and additional editing techniques like close-up reaction shots. They have branched out into other territories, including NaughtyCountryGirls and NaughtyRichGirls, that takes their formula and twists it slightly; in these cases presenting the wide-eyed country gal and the stuck-up rich bitch for sexual discovery. They even launched a separate site apart from the network, TonightsGirlfriend, which features popular pornstars like Bridgette B, Nicole Aniston and Aayliah Love playing themselves as escorts. The website takes the production style of their earliest sites but with an updated presentation and top-shelf video equipment. Even when progressing, Naughty America sticks to its stylistic roots.

Pornography works on a pretty simple premise; people like to watch other people have sex. The companies that have succeeded and thrived are those who have packaged this in compelling and addictive ways. Naughty America has tapped into the forbidden sexual desire hidden inside many of us and has created a wealth of great content to show for it.

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