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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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Reading this, you would have no idea how long it actually took me to write it. But if the amount of time it took me to get this first sentence out is any indication, I am thinking that for the whole Desk Babes review, I am probably looking at a couple days. You think you could do it faster? Well, you try being productive with two gorgeous chicks getting naked and fooling around right in front of you.

Isn't that the same as watching a lesbian porn video while you work, you ask? No, it isn't. On DeskBabes the lesbian fun is happening right on your desktop. In fact, I have two hotties rubbing and making out right over my Word document. The words I am currently typing are actually passing behind their heads!

Signing up is free and it allows you to download the software and check out some demos, which give you a nice sense of the quality of the content, but there is no nudity and they are just short clips. To get the really good stuff you need to purchase credits and use them to buy babes and shows.

From what I could see, whether you choose a solo gal or a duo of hot lesbians, it's going to cost you about two credits. There's a variety of token packages to suit your needs. If you plan on making multiple purchases, though, then the largest token package is the smartest choice.

I have to tell you that this site is really good. The babes are gorgeous and the technology has advanced to a place where the women and the quality of the images is great, even at the largest size, which has to be half the height of my screen.

There are 475 cards (shows) and they appear to be adding three new ones a week. The scenes tend to average about 30-45 minutes and have multiple hot and naked parts. Each one also comes with a small set of high-res photos and many have a few bonus videos. The site is easy to use and there appears to be a fairly active community of users leaving comments and such.

There are also lots of nice features, like the option to skip to a hot part of the scene, a sound toggle (you can even add your own tunes) and this cool magnifying feature that lets you move the mouse over the women for a closer look. Once you have the babe(s) performing, you can change the position, size and transparency. Change their bodies into just silhouettes (how very discreet) or change the erotic level (progressive or random). You can keep it lightly sexy if you prefer or go full-on X-rated.

It's an original and fun concept and is free to check out, so there really is no reason not to see what Desk Babes is all about. I can definitely tell you one thing: It isn't going to help you with productivity - and I mean that in a good way.

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