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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Puz Mobile puts 40 websites worth of content in the palm of your hand and allows you to take it anywhere you want. All you need to enjoy the material is a smartphone/mobile device and the willingness to pay a standard monthly fee to access it.

For the most part, PuzMobile draws its content from individual model sites like Abelinda, Busty Nataly, Little Amy, Mary Private and Punky Jaine, to name a few. These models are all incredibly cute, but you'll be happy to know that they all have their own distinct looks and personalities. And most of them are also rocking a nice pair of hooters (more than one have the word "busty" in their sitename).

In addition to there being diversity among the models, there's also some diversity in what you can see in the vids and pics. Some of the babes merely strip a little, but others go all out and allow themselves to be filmed while they suck dick, fuck and have their pussies eaten out.

With content coming from so many sites, you'd expect to have a fair bit of material at your disposal and I'm happy to report that that is indeed the case. As I write this, you get access to 380 videos and 465 sets of pictures. Sound good? Well, things get better because it appears as though you can expect updates almost every day. Although, I will tell you that counting them all was a royal pain in the ass, which brings me to the navigation problem.

The site definitely looks good and has a standard mobile design. However, there is no pagination. To get through the collection you need to go page by page. And with only five videos or photo sets per page, you do the math on how much tapping you are going to be doing to get through it all. Not to mention trying to get back to a scene on a certain page.   

As for the videos themselves, I watched the aforementioned Nataly getting naked and I was quite impressed. Not only was she stunning, but her flick looked good too. Actually, it seems like all the movies look pretty good. The pictures don't disappoint either. They're crisp, clear and professionally shot.

By the way, the site lets you filter the content in such a way that you only get material featuring a specific model. You can also arrange it so that you only see content from specific websites. This is great, as it allows you to appreciate the girls who really catch your eye without having to look all over for them (which could be a problem given the lack of pagination and inability to save your favorites).

Puz Mobile is worth joining if you're the kind of person who takes their porn on the go. With lots of content, beautiful models and some really nice material, this website just gives you another excuse to keep your portable device on you at all times.

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