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Charlie Black 

By: Charlie Black
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My Nude Beach Dreams always consist of really large men and women in their 40s or 50s who look like they've botched laser hair removal. You know the kind of people I'm talking about. The ones who prompt you to yell, "Down in front!" so you can see the hot, fit men and women sunbathing. I also have dreams about work (not the fun parts) on a nightly basis, so it's probably time to see a shrink.

Then along comes a site like NudeBeachDreams. Freudian through and through (except for the Oedipus and Elektra complexes), there is plenty of carefree, hardcore sex scenes, but there's also more innocent nude sunbathing and tame fondling. You'll find the occasional middle-aged couple and I even noticed a pregnant woman. For the most part, though, these beach-going swingers and/or nudists look to be in their 20s or 30s.

The movie count is probably a little higher than it should be, because some of the films are split up into clips and added a couple days apart. With that in mind you're looking at about 1,500 movies. Your id will give you the impulse to go straight to signing up after I tell you that some of the movies are in Full HD and the 51 photo sets contain high-res images. Other movies are still excellent in quality, though. However, your ego might kick in and make you wary when I tell you the camerawork can be a bit shaky and the clips can be pretty short.

If I were lying on a leather couch relating my dreams, I'd probably start with all of the voyeuristic scenes of middle-aged folks caught unawares naked and, in some cases, a guy tweaking a lady's nipples or pressing his hard-on into her butt crack ever so discreetly. The wet dreams are probably due to the orgies that take place on secluded shores. These tend to involve younger people.

I should also state that while the design of the site is all good, the navigation is a bit of an issue. You see, there are over 150 pages of content and you can only jump ahead 10 pages at a time. This makes for lots of clicking just to get thtough it all and/or trying to get back to a specific page. 

So what's the final diagnosis? There are no bonus sites, but there is a section with member-submitted pics that's worth checking out. You'll have very frequently recurring Nude Beach Dreams (with slight variations, of course) because video updates are every couple days. There's no denying that this exclusive collection will provide you with hours of raunchy reveries. 

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