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Updated on: 06/07/2015

A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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You'll see horses and rabbits, dogs and cats and even the occasional fox or pig. Am I describing the bestiary at the local sanctuary? Not quite. I'm describing what you'll find on Pet And Pony Girls, but what I've neglected to mention is that here each animal is portrayed by a sexy babe wearing a costume, mostly in latex or rubber.

The folks behind PetAndPonyGirls also have a healthy interest in bondage, so you'll sometimes see intricate knots and restraints combined with the fetish play. For example, you'll find Dolly Deviant wearing a full horse mask made by Bob Basset. The costume is further enhanced by a black straitjacket she's forced to wear over her red corset.

Scenes of pony play like that make up a good percentage of the 137 videos and 821 photo galleries. This includes some cart ponies, although generally it seems that these equines are more for submission or show. The rest are pet play, with bunnies being the most commonly spotted fauna.

All the content is mixed together on the site, meaning there are no seperate video and photo sections, but for those of you just browsing, you'll be happy to note that at least the thumbnails are marked, so you don't have to click into each one to know what you're getting. Also, the site's design has been cleaned up a bit since our last visit, but there's no flair to it. For such interesting content I expected a more interesting interface.

These days the movies can be saved as HD MP4s, though the older flicks are offered as Windows Media, RealPlayer or MP4 files (the last formatted for your mobile devices). Many of the videos come with a matching set of pics, but there are plenty of stand-alone galleries. They all offer high-res shots and can be saved in Zip files.

The scenes tend to be on the short side, but at least the women completely inhabit their chosen animals, growling like dogs or slinking around like cats. In a scene I watched, a "horse" even wears hoof boots that are shod for an erotic clip-clop sound.

It looks like they're adding something new every day or two and although they udpate with photos a little more often, in the last month there have been 10 new movies, which isn't bad at all. I would've appreciated having access to some bonus material, but perhaps this is just my picky and high-strung side coming out. I guess I would be an Arabian if I were on this site.

Pet And Pony Girls definitely earns a sugar cube or two for bringing us a large collection of high-quality kink. Anyone interested in animal roleplay should join. The membership fee has gone up since our last visit, but fans of the niche will still find it worth checking out.

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