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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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We all know about strip poker, but what about strip Connect Four, strip Operation, strip High Card or even a strip pie-eating contest? On Lost Bets Games you will see all of those and more.

I don't often use the term "original" when discussing porn sites, but LostBetsGames is one site that definitely deserves that moniker. Amateur chicks and a few dudes play various "strip" games. But what's so great about these scenes is that they're fun, so it isn't just about waiting for the nudity.

The scenes take place in living rooms and what look like hotel rooms. The participants are guy/babe-next-door types and the scenes last anywhere from 14 to 30 minutes, depending on how long the game takes.

The participants talk and laugh and act shy and joke around and, over the course of the scene, get naked (or at least the losers do). In case you were wondering, there is no sex at all and I only saw a little bit of masturbation. This is much more of a fun and playful softcore site.

There are 193 videos that get updated on a weekly basis. The design is nice and navigation is simple, with the "videos" link in the top menu bar. You might notice that once on a scene's page there is no button to get back to the main listing. However, if you click on the page banner it will take you to the homepage.

You can download each vid in Windows Media, MPEG and MP4 files. The best of the MP4s give you high-def playback for the most part and the same is true for some of the MPEGs. The WMVs range from average to good in quality. And because there aren't any photos, being able to stream the flicks in Flash is handy for previewing purposes.

Although you'll see a link labeled "bonus site," you'll be taken to the join page of another site that you'd need to buy a membership to. There's also a link to live cams that give you free previews, but require paying extra for private shows. Despite the lack of bonuses, Lost Bets Games is a fun destination if you like strip-poker type games.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: bp16451

    Score: 60% Date: 07/01/2013

    With this site you really do get 'what is says on the box'. So do read the 'box'.

    There are quite a variety, and large number, of 'Strip games' involving mainly females. (There seems to be a small group of females who regularly reappear.) The scenarios are claimed to be unscripted and that seems to be true after watching a few. The losers generally face a penalty; these I found disappointing. There are a lot of penalties that involve either masturbation or the use of a vibrator, but I am not sure I saw one genuine orgasm.

    If you imagine how things would be if you played a strip game with friends, then you would probably imagine this.

    The quantity and quality of videos are really good and streaming allows for easy previewing of selections.

    The only comparable site I have seen is Dare Ring. Lost bets has way more material available and is probably better value but in truth I enjoyed the Dare Ring videos more; but thats just me.

    If you sign up expecting to see 'amateurs' participating in some softcore fun,games and silliness you will not be disappointed. But don't expect more.

  • Comment by: 343

    Score: 80% Date: 11/26/2011

    Site is overall good. But if your a hardcore kind of person you will find yourself getting bored relatively fast. Site has a interesting idea behind, everyone in the videos is having a good time. Models appearances are repetitive, which can be good or bad. And they are diverse in the types that appear: All girls, mixed girls and guys, duo, or big group, etc. I noticed some differences in the available content on there clip store and their subscribers website. Clip store is quite expensive! a dollar a min, on some of the vidoes contain minimal amount of nudity.
    NEEDS: -A cheaper price tag, this is way too much for a majority of non-hardcore material.
    -More hardcore material, although I see how producers are trying to steer away from becoming a hardcore site.
    Overall, if you like sites like DareRing or a fan of get naked types games, you will get a kick out of this. Even get some ideas for your friend(s) with benefits :)