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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Boy George sang that war was stupid, but on Gay War Games it isn't stupid, it's supersexy. Who wants peace when you can enjoy seeing a piece of ass getting worked over? The scenes are supposed to tell the tale of the struggles within the nation of Tchukistan. It is vaguely referred to as a "war-torn country of the former East" and its soldiers, as well as the citizens they brutalize, have that Eastern European appeal.

In case you were wondering, there is no such place as Tchukistan, so you can cancel your plans to protest the mistreatment of its civilians. However, the mix of a military theme with BDSM is clever and creative. The write-ups for each scene are filled with twisted fantasies of domination and whimpering submission, but when you watch the strong>68 videosit's quite clear that everyone involved is more than willing to participate in GayWarGames.

Don't get me wrong - the action is rough. There's lots of rope bondage, mouths duct-taped and eyes blindfolded, not to mention men in cages and tied into sex slings. You will see fisting, rears reddened by open-handed spanking, and some throat and butt fucking that looks rather intense. Judging by the hard-ons some of the "prisoners" have, Stockholm syndrome has taken hold of them body, soul and libido.

Every video comes in an HD Windows Media file. There's also an equally impressive MP4 option for some of them and the ability to stream a Flash file in an embedded player. You have to keep in mind that each video is not the complete shoot for a model. The sessions usually fill three or more scenes lasting about 15 minutes or longer, switching between BDSM and hardcore sex acts.

There are also 68 photo sets to download in Zip files (you can't view them online). There are about 70 shots per set despite only being part of a longer shoot. With BDSM content, though, enough intensity comes from each that you will feel satisfied, even if there's no guarantee of a blowjob, penetration or money shot. You'll see a mix of high-res images with ones that are a bit smaller, but still crisp.

I really like this collection for its creativity and hardcore BDSM. Gay War Games might not have a ton of content yet, but it does have videos that are long, high-def and unique. There is one new update each week (one part of a longer scene).

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