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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Frequenting online dating sites is a great way to meet new people, but you always have to be aware that the guys and girls you encounter may not always be truthful with you. Dave is one such guy and he uses his lies to score with hot chicks on a website called Date Site Liars. When you're duped it sucks, but when you see other people fooled, somehow it's so much more appealing.

Some people on dating sites misrepresent themselves with doctored or outdated pictures and others just simply fabricate things about their lives. In Dave's case, I'm not quite sure what he's being dishonest about because all the dialogue is in German and I only understand a few words. I suppose you don't need to fully understand the setup of DateSiteLiars to appreciate what comes after.

There are 167 videos, but they can only be streamed in an embedded player. The vids look great, though, so they're quite easy on the eyes. They're also quite thrilling once the action starts, as they feature lots of cunnilingus, blowjobs and sex. if you want to skip right to the good stuff, you can do so by clicking the "fuck button." You'll definitely want to save these movies, so it's too bad you won't be able to.

There are 167 sets of high-res pictures as well and you'll be pleased to know that they can indeed be saved to your computer and you can do so in Zip files. You can also view them in slideshows.

The website hasn't always had the world's greatest update schedule and looking at it today they haven't updated since December 2013. As for bonuses, you get full access to eight other sites that are part of the Adult Blast network, including the likes of Hunting For Pussy, Sex For Breakfast and Squirt Coach. Unfortunately none of the videos on those sites can be downloaded either.

While there's room for improvement, Date Site Liars comes with some sweet extras and has great-looking content. It would be great if its vids could be downloaded and they were updating, but the website is still worth visiting at this point.

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