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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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According to the urban dictionary, the term "pimpin" is defined as an adjective similar to fresh, clean, tight, gangsta, uber cool, etc., so you would figure that Live Pimpin is a cam site that brings fresh coolness to the masses via hot chicks on cam. Does it? Let us take a look.

I'll tell you the best thing about LivePimpin right off the bat. The price is $0.99/minute for every chick, which is really great. Most sites have the performers setting their own prices, so you never know what you're gonna get with each one. With this site, you know before you head in - and it's a low price at that.

Another good thing here is a visible timer during your private chats, so you always know how much money you have left in your pre-paid account. The only issue with such low prices is that most performers are working from third-world countries and split their cam time between several sites. So the interaction is not always smooth as they chat with multiple people and often the live sex is streamed to several sites simultaneously. That being said, did I mention it's less than a buck a minute?

You will find around 20 to 100 women online at any given time. A decent number, but not overwhelming. Recently the number seems to have gone down. The performers are broken up into "rooms," such as lesbian and fetish, and they have an advanced search engine that can help you filter them even more. You can narrow them down by age, height, ethnicity, build, eye color and gender, to name a few (not by breast size, unfortunately). There is a good variety of performers and I noticed that most of them spoke English.

All the performers also have a profile page that you can access and it's filled with info about them as well as having a few pictures. From that page you can also add the babe to your favorites, leave a comment and check out any information she might have about when she is online. You can also send her a private message if you so desire.

While the price is nice and low, so is the quality of the cams for the majority of the babes I randomly checked out. Most had average picture quality, with a little clipping. Personally, I found the fluidity of motion the bigger problem, so when I came across some fluid motion/average cams I felt like they were worth the $0.99. As, of course, were the few that had both fluid motion and great-quality images.

There's a section called "private chats" and about half the performers were listed there. These have no free video chat, only text. I couldn't figured out why, though. Perhaps they're camming on other sites at that moment.

They haven't done many changes since our last visit. I have gotten used to the latest template, but they still haven't upgraded the rest of the site (only the chat player). Clicking the performer's thumb opens the chat window. It has many nice features, though, like text formatting, video settings, public/private chat and cam2cam with two-way sound. Double-click the performer window and it will fit nicely across your screen. You can also send performers private messages, even if they're offline.

They have a contest section where both members and performers can win money. Obviously, the more you spend the more chance you have of winning. It's a kind of loyalty program, but unlike on other sites where it's seamless, here you have to claim your prize.

As is always the case with these type of sites, it is free to sign up and browse. The site's good features and functionality and low fixed price make it quite popular with our users, but the performer selection is just not big or varied enough for more regular live cam users.

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