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By: Will Peters
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SEVP Online is home to exclusive content from the studio of the same name. If you're unfamiliar with SEVP, the acronym stands for Scandinavian Erotic Video Productions. Let me tell you it raises the bar on eroticism. I didn't see any condoms used, so it's a bareback bonanza indeed. It has some of the hottest lads ever seen with nubile slim bods or lean, mean muscular frames. There are loads of thick uncut rods to choke down too.

SEVPOnline has 259 videos with great-quality playback. They are license protected though. You will find 120 solo and hardcore scenes shot exclusively for the site, not simply taken from the studio's library of DVDs. There are 136 casting vids and three behind-the-scenes clips too, so you get to know its many stars better. I like that its fresh-faced models don't all look the same. Some are cute and innocent looking. Others who aren't actually older have that handsome male beauty that comes from burgeoning manhood.

The sex is often rather intense and ends up with an overwhelming jumble of lithe arms and legs with interjections of rock hard schlongs. It's as if the guys always end up in a naked game of Twister. In some cases, with one guy on top of another's dick with another one riding on top of his, it's an X-rated jigsaw puzzle. All the naughty bits just seem to be pieced together. The hardcore footage formed almost over stimulates your senses.

There are 243 photo sets, but what's a bit surprising is you can't download the pics. Still, it's nice to ogle the hot nude dudes in individual shoots and hard action spreads. I already mentioned that the fellows don't all look the same and so even though it hardly seem this site's claim to fame, I appreciate that you will see some men with a bit of body hair. Sure, most are smooth-skinned studs, but there are some jocks with a bit of fur on their chests too.

Updates are slightly sporadic, but that doesn't mean they're infrequent. You could end up waiting for 10 days for the next update and then you might have three in the same week. As an extra, you can download some trailer clips from some of the SEVP DVDs. They link to a pay-per-view site if you decide you want to see the full-length movies, or you can buy the DVDs outright too. SEVP Online has some great-quality, exclusive flicks to enjoy, so it's worth joining.

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  • Comment by: topman

    Score: 100% Date: 03/05/2011

    I just love SEVP always top models hot sex and hi quality

    the site SEVPonline is great easy to navigate and with a lot of hot sex

  • Comment by: topman

    Score: 90% Date: 11/22/2009

    Sevponline gives you the top of SEVP production
    Full of great looking tweenks that are mostly exclusive to SEVP taking part in creamy scenes,
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    128 exclusive scenes, 151 casting and 265 galleries of bareback sex, in high quality, that update 5 days a week
    An important feature to enjoy on sevponline is Movies
    Under this feature you can watch a 4 min trailers from every scene in almost every movie of sevp and Blue hotel.
    I love it because for me as someone that watched all sevp movies it’s a great way to remember the hot and creamy sevp moments. I am shore that it will be very enjoyable for guys that haven’t see all sevp movies as well
    you also get accesses to Sevplive, there you can chat with sevp stars and others . you can spy on them with 16 live cameras and enjoy some live sex scenes as well.
    The site is very easy to navigate; you can also enjoy a long free tour and blog