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Glistening, smooth and form-fitting, the outfits on Only Silk And Satin add a certain layer of sizzle to these already gorgeous British women. This softcore site has a lot to offer lingerie enthusiasts who are tired of seeing the usual nylon and lace getups.

Don't get me wrong - you are going to see pantyhose and nylons on OnlySilkAndSatin, but it's not the focus. Chicks with long legs and big smiles spend most of their time admiring the shiny fabric that feels oh-so-good against their skin.

This is a softcore site that shows plenty of boobs, but the gals don't get completely naked. Some of the chicks talk a bit, but the 517 videos are mostly silent except for the rustling of the fabric. The newer scenes can be downloaded as HD Windows Media files and M4Vs are available for portable devices. The older ones come in a great-quality AVI format and all the movies can be streamed. There are also 1,505high-res photo galleries that look fantastic. You can save them in Zip files.

The ladies glide their hands up and down their beautiful bodies, but I didn't see any who actually masturbated. Boobs are often revealed, but I only saw one muff shot and they didn't linger on it very much. The teasing will give you plenty of material to fuel your own carnal imagination.

There's a great search engine that allows you to quickly narrow in on your favorite kind of clothing. You can filter your results according to specific physical traits (like breast type and hair color), costume (such as evening dress or lingerie color) or type of video (HD, no music, etc.). You're also able to save your favorites, leave ratings and post comments.

The model index is helpful because if you have a favorite girl, you can scroll down and see if she has any upcoming scenes that might interest you. If she does, you can "Fasttrack" them and watch them early (you get five per month and you can now also purchase more). There are over 300 gals here and they are stunning, so I'm sure you'll find plenty of favorites.

They have other forms of member interaction too. There are active forums where you can discuss models, clothes and the site in general (and posting there can earn you more Fasttracks!). As far as extras go, there are two bonus sites, namely Only Carla and Only Melanie. There are also podcasts to check out. There are a few other sites to explore, but you only get access to them if you're willing to pay more when you first sign up.

You get new videos about six to eight times a month and you get new photos the other days of the week, so this website just keeps on getting bigger and better. Given everything mentioned here, I think it's clear that Only Silk And Satin is worth checking out if you need a good source for hot chicks in soft and shiny outfits.


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