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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Does seeing a bare female bottom being whacked get you excited? Then you should check out Punished Brats, where all kinds of misbehaving misses get their comeuppance. These are hot, albeit badly mannered babes, who need to learn their lesson for a variety of misdeeds. Maybe they were rude to their parents, maybe they were caught playing a nasty prank on someone, maybe they showed up late for class or cheer practice. Whatever they did, they deserve a sore red ass.

PunishedBrats has around 560 videos to download in Windows Media and RealPlayer files. Very few scenes come in a full-length version. Most come in a series of clips in two or more updates. The homepage has all the latest updates, but to get to the rest of the collection you will need to go into the "archive" section and browse the collection via the models (spakee), the Tops (spanker) or by month.

This makes for a lot of clicking in and out of months and I was dissapointed to see that there was no way to just browse the entire collection or even search or filter it. This is a navigation annoyance and it made counting rather difficult. But when I saw that almost every month had seven scenes it made it a little easier to get a number.

As for the videos, you will get average to great-quality playback. Since July 2008, you can count on finding the better-quality option with each flick, but earlier ones are lower in quality. The scenes last from 10 to 18 minutes. There is no streaming option.

There are about 560 photo sets and each contains around 16 shots. The more recent updates have high-res images. They give you a good idea of what to expect from the various movies. You might see a gal spanking another babe with her bare hand or a hairbrush. There's also a man who puts sexy chicks over his lap, pulls down their panties and slaps their naked butts.

There are 21 bonus photo galleries showing some of the models in non-spanking poses. You'll also find preview vids showing behind-the-scenes footage of upcoming and previously shot scenes.

In the end, I think the choice to become a member is an easy one to make. Punished Brats has a few issues, but the collection wins out and is a clear winner in my books.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: snakemaster

    Score: 55% Date: 01/02/2015

    This site is truly a disappointment. The girls are sexy, the story lines are very creative and truly impressive, the dressing is very sexy, and the reaction of the girls to 'the spanking' is truly hot and arousing. The problem is that 'the spanking', which should be the core, the foundation is Ersatz or FAKE spanking. The spanking is so soft and gentle, that it almost seems as if the girls' butts will break into little pieces, if spanked harder. The exaggerated reaction of the girls to the powder puff spanking, just emphasizes further, how inadequate the spanking is. It truly is sad that there are almost NO spanking sites that spank well, apart from the Eastern European sites like Spanking Server (which suffer from lack of imagination) and the excessively brutal sites like Lupus or Mood. There just seems to be no middle ground. The best sites seem to be the Old English sites from the 80's and 90's, and they unfortunately are plagued by poor quality and unreasonable pricing. All the so called 'good' spanking sites are plagued by this absolutely atrocious 'powder puff' spanking, as if we are just supposed to pay money for seeing a nice butt on a sexy girl. If I wanted porn, I would go to the considerably cheaper regular porn sites. I don't care if this site seems to receive high marks in most reviews. I give it a major thumbs down, and I would have given it lower marks, if not for the creative story lines and hot girls.

  • Comment by: Washington

    Score: 25% Date: 06/06/2014

    I'll be brief. Not happy. Images are pretty good, could do with being larger. No zipped materials, the girls are cute but the video quality is such a let down. Even the newer stuff they are saying is the best they have done, man, it's not that good. Why? Cameras zooming in and out, poor lighting, Audrey as a top? Man! No! She's got an ass to die for, I wanna see more of that and less of her trying to be a dominante. It spoils what could be a great site as there is so much stuff here but so many other sites offer better quality films and some use the same girls too. I have my eye on a few. C'mon Mr. Pierson, sort out your site before it's too late!

  • Comment by: Rüdiger

    Score: 30% Date: 04/03/2013

    Too much tea and coffee softspanking. In every privat spanking club are a better spanking action. Sorry, but when i see the impassive faces of the most spankers, i think they are waiting for a good cup of coffee.

  • Comment by: A Limey

    Score: 85% Date: 07/11/2012

    Remarkably good value for money. The only spanking site on which I allow a rolling monthly subscription to continue.

    Could maybe do with a bit more variety in spankees (currently pretty well all young white women) and camera angles, but pretty good content all the same.

  • Comment by: SadPanda

    Score: 80% Date: 12/31/2011

    Quality, but sometimes repetitious and soft..

  • Comment by: anox

    Score: 100% Date: 06/09/2010

    Best spanking site ever...
    Pixie is the best!