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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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The female nude has been a source of inspiration for artists since man began creating works of art and it still stands true to this very day. Like many men before him, Peter Janhans likes his work to feature women in the buff and the mediums he uses are film and photography. If you're interested in seeing some of his stuff, then all you need to do is head on over to Beautiful Nude.

Just as the sitename suggests, BeautifulNude gives its members beautiful women who appear fully nude. So far, there are 87 models appearing on the site and each one is stunning. They all have small profiles, so you can look up the ones you like and learn things about them such as where they're from and what their zodiac sign is.

Since Janhans' site appears to be primarily devoted to photography, there isn't an overwhelming amount of videos on it, only 87 movies in fact. They can be downloaded in differing formats depending on how old a scene is. Some get you AVI and 3GP files, others also come in Windows Media and the current trend is that you can only choose between two sizes of MP4 files. The largest is always in HD.

The movies are often relatively short and they all seem to depict photo shoots in progress. As the viewer, you often get to see the babes stripping and posing while the photographer (who I presume is Peter Janhans) snaps pic after pic and instructs the models on how to position themselves. In other cases, we see the gals relaxing and having fun in the buff. Every movie features music that completely drowns out any ambient noise.

When you get around to checking out the photo galleries, you'll find that there are 699 sets of pictures. With an average of about 65 images per set, it's nice to see that you can download them in Zip files. Another nice thing about the photos is that they come in three different sizes and at least two of them offer high-res images. You can even select which photos you want to be included in the Zip folders.

New movies are added once a month, while three photo sets are added every week. There are no bonuses, but Beautiful Nude provides you with a good amount of high-quality content for a fantastic price, so it's definitely worth a look if you're in the market for some sexy softcore photography.

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  • Comment by: jamesy

    Score: 60% Date: 10/07/2013

    I agree with the first part & the PROS of the other review - it's the CONS part I disagree with.

    The problems with the zip files are a major problem and do not do the site any favours at all. In fact they harm the site in a big way.

    Firstly most - around 2/3rds of the sets - do not have zip files as such. There are files that you download then have to add the '.zip' to convert them into usable zip files. Another problem this gives is that all files associated with each set then have the same name so they have to be changed again (to, etc).

    Secondly a few sets do not have any working 'zip' files to download so you have to download the individual images one by one or use a bulk image downloader (which doesn't always work).

    Thirdly - the remainder of the sets - the newest ones - do have zip files but you can only download them 1 page (of 20 images)at a time. This limits you to downloading approx 10 sets an hour with the smaller sets but only maybe 7 an hour with the bigger (and mainly the newest) sets. A very time-consuming process which, unless you're a collector, isn't really worth the time and effort.

    The site does not appear to be maintained so there are some other glitches here and there to look out for as well.

    Overall it's not a bad little site with some really good image sets - approx 750 at the minute - but it is certainly not worth paying any more than $12 a month considering what you get elsewhere nowadays. It needs quite a bit of work done on it to bring it up to scratch but it could be a really great site if this work was done.

    I feel a rating of 60 is fair as it shows there are a few problems with the site - the content IS very good but the site is let down by the problems with files and the lack of maintenance.

  • Comment by: Kaffesump

    Score: 75% Date: 09/16/2012

    You know those sites were 80% of the pictures shows the model stripping out of her clothes, and 15% are zoomed in pictures of the pussy....and maybe, just maybe there is a one or two pictures of the model were you actually get to see her full body naked in a pretty pose?

    Well, this is not one of those sites, this site is all about those naked full body images, just simple but good nude phtography, just the way i like it (if i want to fill my screen with just the pussy i am well capable of zooming myself xP).


    Pretty much only nude images (i do remember seeing a panty and a scarf hehe ^^)
    Very low price, it`s only 11,95 for a month.
    Most picture sets have 3000-5000 resolutions.


    A bit weird zip system (you get to pick wich images you want to zip, wich is a good idea, but you can only pick from one page at a time and some picture sets are 7-8 pages so it can be a bit of a hassle).