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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Nerd Pass gives you access to 14 sites plus some bonus footage and behind-the-scenes stuff. If you're unfamiliar with this company, they concentrate mostly on reality porn that often involves women who are up and comers in the adult biz. You will see some smokin' hot babes getting banged by some rather big schlongs.

NerdPass gives you access to about 343 videos. For each movie, you'll find at least one version that looks great and many of the movies are high-def. You can always stream them in Flash too and there's a file that works on your iPhone. Plus, there are around 290 photo sets that you can download in Zip files.

Here's a list of some of the sites:

Facial Special: No, it isn't about discount skincare products, unless you consider the benefits of using sperm to exfoliate those pores.

Miamis Juiciest: Before you join, they mention the scores of hot Latinas in Miami. However, only some models are Hispanic and the focus is really round, big butts.

Viva La Bus: Long live reality porn! That's what you'll find here. Watch some classic pickups and then see babes get banged in the back of a van.

See Me In Public: Sex in the great outdoors, back alleyways and parking garages fill these hardcore scenes.

Tits Burger: Lucky dudes wrap their man meat in between two fluffy boobs in the ultimate sandwich and, yes, they do end up adding their own special sauce into this delicious treat.

Ass Delivery: Again, hot female bottoms are the focus, but this time around you'll see more anal sex.

The other websites cover a range of themes from handjobs to naughty neighbors caught on camera. The network adds a new scene at least once a week and extras like a forum, bonus videos and a radio show hosted by D. Sanchez himself are included with your membership.

Nerd Pass is definitely worth joining. The high-quality content and gorgeous babes are just too amazing to pass on. The one down side is that they haven't updated in six months.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: David

    Score: N/A Date: 06/26/2014

    I subscribed because of the viva la vida girls, yet found out its a Very poor quality site, and combined with non existent customer service, I mean literally.... its impossible to contact them say you need to cancel. I actually had to contact my bank in order to block them from trying to re bill me every month. If your even remotely tempted to get a subscription dont, you will regret it. Dont say I diddnt warn you, peace.

  • Comment by: gary

    Score: 20% Date: 09/04/2012

    This site hasn't been updated in years. The content on the site happens to be pretty good, but without updates, it's hardly worth the price. On top of that, the billing site doesn't seem to exist and are hitting me with all sorts of extra charges. Anybody with some sort of idea on how to cancel my subscription would be a godsend at this point.

  • Comment by: cgguy

    Score: 25% Date: 03/22/2011

    Warning this site is not updating. Most sites content is from 2009. Some of the content, specifically viva la bus is in hi-def, but the rest of the content is small and poor quality. I canceled my membership within days and didn't download very much.

  • Comment by: ed

    Score: 10% Date: 07/18/2010

    I chose the option for a monthly renewal then I unchecked the cross sales box (there was only one). Now it says i have a one day trial for nerd pass and natalie i am confused, and need some help.
    Reply from RabbitsReviews: You should have left your email for us. We can't help all that much without it! :)

  • Comment by: Puptent

    Score: 10% Date: 04/09/2010

    On the plus side there are a couple of well executed scenes on NERD Pass (too few thought) and some great models.

    On the downside the models I joined specifically for (Brooke Lee Adams for one) aren't well represented here, in my opinion- this is definitely not their best work, I'd go so far as to say NERD Pass wasted an opportunity hiring some of these models because the scenes they shot with them are so tame.

    NERD Pass looks a lot like Brazzers/Reality Kings/Bang Bros while lacking any of those sites real 'oomph' and 'pizazz'- and unlike those sites updates are frustratingly few here (one in the month I've been here). NERD Pass has little to no identity of it's own and I regret signing up, I could've used my monthly fee a lot more productively elsewhere.

    A real let down. At a time when consumers of porn are so well catered for and get so much for their buck to join a site and almost immediately feel like a 'mug punter' is a very poor state of affairs.

  • Comment by: Bobby

    Score: 20% Date: 03/30/2010

    This website has updated one time in the last 40 days, a total waste of money, stay tuned for their latest scam website.

  • Comment by: DirtyBird

    Score: 25% Date: 03/25/2010

    don't fuck with this site twice I became a member and twice they let me down. No updates sometimes downloads were slow. They need to take Viva la Bus of they site and try to be orignal or go back to BangBro's and get there Jobs back........Very Weak!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment by: Jason

    Score: 5% Date: 03/12/2010

    I was a member of the site and then left recently. They were pumping out 3-4 updates for awhile(in the summer) then really started to slow down. This last month they have not released a single update.

    dont go here, i think they ditched their own site.

  • Comment by: weezy

    Score: 5% Date: 03/07/2010

    I've been a member of this site for almost a month and their have been three updates. This site is garbage and although they have a handful of good updates the majority are shitty. Although they do have high quality shoots, its a minority of their content and the rest has shit quality.

    When I signed up for nerdpass and saw rabbit reviews ads all over their site it kinda made sense as to why they have a good review here.

    Nerdpass is shit, don't sign up the review here is bought and complete bullshit

  • Comment by: Jarvis

    Score: 35% Date: 01/03/2010

    Very obvious the comment below is from someone that runs the site.

    I refuse to join that site, check it out. You cannot signup to the site without being forced to take a cross sale.

    This is theft in my opinion.

  • Comment by: MaxJerkin

    Score: 99% Date: 12/13/2009

    Other than occassional hang times on downloading (which are less and less frequent), this site has gotten WAAAAAAYYY better!! Yeah they started out a bit rough, but Ive been watching their shit for a while now, and I gotta say, they only keep going in the right direction. If you werent crazy about 'em yesterday- try em tommorow! Im stoked! They actually acknowledged my user suggestions, and put some of em into a porn! how cool is that??!! By the way, all their pics are high res now..

  • Comment by: Cray

    Score: 60% Date: 10/04/2009

    Site looked like it had promise but turned out all flash and no boom. Site is barely updating anymore.

  • Comment by: dingdong

    Score: 98% Date: 09/24/2009

    I've been a member of nerdpass for 5 months (on and off). I love the videos. I'm glad to see that Sanchez is back, and he's shooting better than ever. Vivalabus is so much better than what he was doing before, and miamisjuiciest is in a league of it's own (I just wish it had more episodes). Nerdpass doesn't have as many episodes as the competition, but it has enough that I still haven't seen them all, and they update with videos better that the other sites everyday. Kudos nerdpass. Keep up the good work and I'll keep paying for my membership.

  • Comment by: Pornhound

    Score: 100% Date: 08/14/2009

    This site is great. Everyone here keeps comparing it to Bangbros. Honestly, it only compares to Bangbros 5 years ago when they were still worth a shit. This network doesn't have as many updates as Bangbros, but all of the updates are better. I also noticed a lot of the same performers and crew. Looks to me like former Bang employees bringing back the good old days. If you want cheesy Brazzers style porn, go to Bangbros, but if you want fresh new risky porn with an edge, then check out Nerdpass.

  • Comment by: D.sancheZ

    Score: 80% Date: 08/12/2009

    say what you want at the least it's independent and not corporate..
    and it's the only reason that I'm still shooting

  • Comment by: Happy Toad

    Score: 60% Date: 08/09/2009

    It's the poor mans version of bangbros in my opinion. I did not stay longer than the trial period.

  • Comment by: Jowantit

    Score: 85% Date: 08/01/2009

    Great Mega site. Like previous person said alot of stuff like bangbros, but its a great site!!

    Definitely will be staying with them. If you look around on the net, you can find a $9.95/mth link.

  • Comment by: Dirty Bird

    Score: 75% Date: 07/25/2009

    A good site but not a lot of content some of the same guys from Bang bros are on this site with almost the same concept It's out of Miami beautiful girlz HD videos every site doesn't update weekly...... If I wanted to see bang bus I'd rather got to Bang Bros