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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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You may ask yourself what passes for Regulation Knickers. In North America, we call what these babes are wearing "granny panties." However, the underwear might be old-fashioned, but the gals sporting them are young and have to wear these kinds of undies because of a dress code. If they want a private education, they must look the part and wear appropriately chaste cotton briefs beneath their plaid kilts.

Even though the women of RegulationKnickers seem to wear the appropriate underthings, they do get up to all sorts of trouble and you will see them being punished for their bad behavior in 63 videos. You can download them in Windows Media format with mostly average-quality playback, but you will find some with higher bit rates. They only last three to five minutes though.

There isn't a lot of preamble before the punishment begins. You will see naughty chicks disciplined by either the headmaster or head teacher. In some cases, the head of their class might do the honors. Open-handed smacks and canings are given.

You can also check out 39 photo galleries of varying quality, but a few sets have high-res images. You won't find any special gallery features. There is no automatic slideshow and you can't download the sets in Zip files. The spreads sometimes follow a storyline, while in other instances they're collections of random pics.

They claim they post new content twice a week, but I'm not sure I believe that because I saw only one date on the whole site and it was marked November 15, with no year. I will assume for now that it was November 2012. So it could be that nothing new has appeared in just over two months or that last video was added years ago.

It's a British site, so right away you know it has good porn. Spanking porn from the U.K is generally considered premium content. Regulation Knickers meters out discipline to babes in uniforms, but you'll pay slightly more for it than on other spanking porn sites.

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    This site is not active anymore hence the 1/100.
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