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Updated on: 05/18/2016

Satine Von Stratten  

By: Satine Von Stratten
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Since we last visited CaliforniaBeachFeet...

  • Thanks to almost daily updating, you'll find 328 new videos and 176 new photo sets.
  • They still haven't done anything to spruce up the design or add any filtering options or a search engine.

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It's a little cold outside these days, so it's with a strong longing for fun in the sun under skies of blue that I check out California Beach Feet. In fact, in the spirit of this site I decided to look it over while listening to "Good Vibrations" to enhance the experience.

The thing with CaliforniaBeachFeet is that the content is so high in quality that there's no need for outside enhancement. This site is serious about its foot worship and does not go halfway about things. No corners were cut at all. Even when the site was still in its budding phase, they insisted on presenting toes, arches and heels in crystal-clear images.

Foot lovers get ready, because they're kicking things off with around 2,328 movies and seeing as how this site is updated on an almost daily basis, it won't be long before that number grows even more substantially. Some of the vids offer Nvidia 3D Vision versions, which is kinda cool, but I was very impressed to see that for about a year now they've been including a 4K version, which, if you have the ability to view it, looks just incredible.

The footage lets you see all the small details, like lingering specs of sand between toes. Sometimes you'll see just one babe showing off her feet, but other times you'll have the chance to feast your eyes on a duo or trio of footsies. Yes, you'll see some sexy Californians in bikinis and miniskirts, but also painted toenails, toe rings, tattoos, socks and high heels.

You can expect just as much high quality in the around 2,826 photo sets. These collections are a beautiful homage to feet and are as high-res as it gets - some are 7000 pixels and absolutely huge! Best of all, almost every gallery can be downloaded in a Zip file. I could actually see the peach fuzz on the cheeks of one of the models when I checked her out.

One of the downsides here is the lack of a search engine, which can be very helpful on a site this big. Without one it's hard to find specific acts or models. And there aren't any filtering options or content tags either. I also think they can jazz up the design a bit. When I think of California, I think bright and sunny, but the background here is black and uninspiring.

Considering the volume of material and the rate at which it's being updated, this site is definitely worth checking out, especially since they don't skimp on the quality - or quantity! California Beach Feet is a decadent treat for anyone with a fetish for feet.

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  • Comment by: Footmaster

    Score: 25% Date: 04/09/2013

    WARNING: This site has a 20GB per 24 hour download limit!

    For the price of $24.95 / $29.95 there should not be a download limit. With the size of the pics and vids on this site it doesn't take long to run out of bandwidth. IMO if a website is going to impose DL limits, it better be priced accordingly. These prices are premium. HLAF for instance is also a premium priced website, but doesnt' have DL limits. Same price. Much better selection. Higher pic count, professional models. That's just one example.

    The pics seem to be repetitive, and mostly soles. I get that the webmaster likes soles but maybe the paying members who keep the website alive (and the webmaster by extension) would like to see some different angles. he;s also not fooling anyone by rotating the same pic and posting it as a unique part of a series.

    The navigation frankly sucks. Linear posts in date order, no model bio, no age, show size, likes/dislikes, or even just "this is a female. I met her at (place)". Nothing.

    The only positive thing I can say about this site is the image quality is outstanding. The resolution is spectacular. I can almost see enough detail to count the skin cells that make up the ridges on each girls' toe. The 3-D vids are a cool idea, and for those who prefer regular mono vision there's a replica in mono for each video. Also excellent quality. True HD.

    The limited variety of poses and download limit make this site worth about 9.99/month. Any more than that I expect the webmaster to pay a lot more attention to what his paying members want instead of just a forum for his own fetish. i get the impression that he does this website to feed his own addiction. That's not worth $24.99 to me. For that price I want some of MY addictions fed.

    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:04/09/2013): Thanks for the comment, Footmaster. We contacted the site and confirmed that they had a DL limit, but it's since been removed.

  • Comment by: solejp

    Score: 80% Date: 10/06/2011


    this site has a download limit 20Gigas for 24hours

    the navigation is not easy

    there is not the name of the girls

  • Comment by: Doug

    Score: 70% Date: 07/06/2010

    Decent site, but volume does not mean great. Some of these girls' feet look bad and others look sunburnt. So if you like redish sandy soles, sure, you will love CBF. Another negative is that the photos are too high of resolution. The site should offer a medium and low quality download instead of only high or super high resolutions. I prefer the indoor shots made by CBF for the site called Footnight, but Footnight has issues too.

  • Comment by: Xavi

    Score: 90% Date: 06/27/2010


  • Comment by: Thomas Blanding

    Score: 100% Date: 06/03/2009

    No other foot site on the net has anywhere near the sheer overwhelming volume of amazing models as Californiabeachfeet.
    Most other sites hide nothing but low quality crap inside, or only update once a week at best, as if they're only doing it for the money.
    Californiabeachfeet is a true foot lovers delight. These guys are obviously passionate about what counts.
    I love how you can clearly see all the years of updates and thousands of models in the massive archive.
    There are no hidden disappointments inside. In fact I was blown away that such a an incredible feat was possible.
    CBF deserves a Guinness World record!