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Chris Parker 

By: Chris Parker
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Born in Paris, France, in 1959, Didier Carre is a man with a passion for black and white photography and erotic art. Should you require any proof of this, all you need to do is visit Gallery Carre. There, you'll find that Didier is both a talented photographer and a man devoted to his craft.

There are over 150 models on GalleryCarre and they appear in mostly photo galleries. It's been a while since we last checked in here and some things have improved whereas others have not. They have changed their design and it looks clean and professional, but the amounts this time are a lot lower, so perhaps some of the content got removed.

There used to be a section just for movies, but that's nowhere to be found. Now, you either have to browse by year and month (and the results show both movies and galleries added within that timeframe) or you can surf the model index to see what each woman has to offer. We noted on our last visit that there was biographical info on each hottie, but, much to my chagrin, I didn't find any this time around.

I only managed to find three movies and they're short and can only be streamed. And they can also be blurry at times. They all just show the girl (I think it's the same one, but it's a little hard to tell) posing outdoors naked. These movies were added in 2012, so I wouldn't expect more all that soon. Photo sets, on the other hand, are uploaded very frequently. You can usually expect between 9 and 12 in a month's time.

The galleries are obviously the main sell here, so you might want to set aside some time so you can explore them properly. As it stands, there are 1,020 picture sets that can be downloaded in Zip files and you always have four to choose from (from small to XX large). I think it goes without saying that the XXL file contains large, remarkable high-res images.

If you're a fan of erotic photography, chances are that you'll adore them. I personally liked them and my only complaint is that they don't contain enough shots. One thing to note is that when you go to save them, the filename is always the same, so you have to rename them yourself so you don't overwrite anything.

The eye on Mr. Carre is phenomenal. There are tasteful full-body shots, tight closeups of juicy pussies, full bottoms and pert tits and there are spreads that involve toys. There are, of course, tons of props and settings to choose from and the models know how to work the camera. Much of the photography is done in elegant black and white, so the models' creamy skin looks flawless and their silhouettes incredibly smooth.

Gallery Carre is still a fine website that'll thrill nude photography enthusiasts, although an advanced search or some keyword tags might make finding something specific a tad easier. Given its high-quality content and frequent updating, I recommend you give it a look.

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