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Zoe Roark 

By: Zoe Roark
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Ever had the strange suspicion that the pregnant lady you know is hiding a secret? Well, at Knocked Up Nelly that secret is revealed. Pregnant chicks love to fuck and I'm not talking about making love here. No, I'm talking about hardcore, raunchy action.

There are 32 videos on the website at the moment and though Nelly doesn't appear in all of them, there's always at least one pregnant chick putting on a show for the camera. Some of the flicks have two mothers-to-be going at it together and others showcase some hardcore pussy fucking. It's really amazing to see how flexible some of these chicks are despite the fact that some of them look like they could give birth at any moment.

The movies can all be downloaded in their full-length as good-quality Windows Media files and they can also be streamed or downloaded in parts. When it comes to downloading the shorter clips, you have the ability to save them as Windows Media files, MPEGs and iPod compatible files. When it comes to streaming the clips, you have all the same options plus the ability to stream the flicks in Flash format.

In addition to videos, the site also features about 86 photo galleries and something like 23 sets of vid caps. The pictures show off all the heavy tits and swollen bellies. As the expecting mothers finger their pussies, you'll realize that they really are beautiful. Literally dripping with life as some of them lactate with the anticipation of having their pussies stuffed with some hard cock. The vid caps are often qyite fuzzy, but the actual photographs tend to be clear and look good even though they aren't high-res.

It should also be mentione that not all the content is exclusive. While much of it is, I did see picture sets and videos that I had also recently seen on another pregnancy site on the same network. I should also note that the website hasn't been updated since 2008.

Should you have your fill of these horny mommies-to-be, this site offers free access to a number of other websites, including Knocked Up Nikki, Her First Pregnancy, Her First Gang Bang, BlowJob Auditions, Malezia, Gaya Patal, Nana Funk, Sweet Dominique, HandJob Auditions and more. Topics range from mature sex to reality based blowjob auditions. Just about all of the sites have video and picture content, so they'll surely keep you busy for a long time.

The lack of updates is very dissapointing, but you'll still get quite a bit for their money with Knocked Up Nelly. It's worth a look for a month or two and maybe longer if you're also interested in the bevy of bonus material.

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  • Comment by: serge

    Score: 1% Date: 02/12/2011

    Stay away from this site. I’ve signed up for $29 and my credit card was charged for $150. It took about 1h of heated conversation to get some of my money back (not all). They even continued charging the credit card after I requested them to cancel everything (charges were coming from different web sites, so it seems they have big fraud business). Eventually, I had to ask my bank to cancel the credit card.

  • Comment by: Smith

    Score: 20% Date: 11/27/2009

    Seriously annoying-as-shit interface, doesn't give you separate photo and video categories, the alphabetical model directory is anything but, content repeats over the various sites within a category, and oh yeah, when they tell you you can download an entire video, don't believe them. I tried to download an entire clip of Nelly getting scrogged with a strapon by some othe pregnant chick, and it only downloaded half of the entire vid.
    Fuckin' bullshit, man...