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A.K. Anderson 

By: A.K. Anderson
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I used to work from home and I loved it. Being able to go to work in my boxer shorts is really the pinnacle of awesome. So I understand the allure of Cams At Home for the chicks working on the site. 

CamsAtHome is a live cam site that provides a mix of models working from their home or from a studio (I guess calling the site "cams at home and at studios" just doesn't have the same ring to it). I didn't notice much of a difference between the home cams and studio models.

The quality of the cams is up and down. While I came across some that had fluid motion and a clear image, others I checked out had either one or the other or neither. Overall, I would say more were good than weren't. 

Also, there were 90 different chicks to choose from, so if one had a poor cam I just went on to the next one. You get a lot of variety when it comes to looks, so you will have a fun time checking them all out. As for the site itself, it just looks bad.

The site is pretty busy with many colors, flashing items, moving images and different fonts. It looks like a pre-web 2.0 site that just never updated. There are some nice features though, like the "bid" feature. This allows you to place a bid and see if the model will take less money, but sometimes that usually means you have to buy a certain minimum length of time. The lower your bid, the more time you are committed to buying. If you are willing to do so, this could get you a pretty nice discount in the end.

As we have come to expect from live cam sites, it is free to sign up and chat in the open, non-nude chat area. This lets you get a feel for the model and see her cam (there is also sound on most of them). Then, if you want to get them naked and play you will have to spend some cash. This is where I noticed quite a bit of variability.

The majority of the models I checked out were charging $3.99/minute. However, some were charging a little more ($5.99), while others were asking for less (one straight couple was only charging $0.99). Also, if you do a gang chat (multiple chatters) it is always on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Before heading into their private chat you can see a checklist of what they are willing to do, from fisting and anal to fetish and DP and more. That list isn't bullshit either. I asked the models I checked out to do stuff I saw checked and they were very willing to comply.

The models are really the big selling point here. The ones I chatted with didn't try and money grab and spend time chit-chatting if I didn't want to. They wasted no time doing what I asked, no matter how nasty it was (as long as it was on their check list).

It's free to sign up and check it out, but I can tell you right now that if you like your cam models open and very willing then check out Cams At Home.While cam quality could be more consistent, you don't have to spend any money till you find a babe with a cam you like anyway. They even have some photos and video feed extras.

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  • Comment by: Crone

    Score: 88% Date: 06/29/2010

    I used to work at this site, there are not many models - so it wasn´t a big competition for me. There were times I was so busy by replying, by private chats,that I spend even 16 hours at chat - and I didn´t mind.
    I was satisfied with money and most of regular paying clients stayed with me until now as friends on facebook :-)