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Updated on: 06/09/2015

Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Since we last visited GlamourSmokers...

  • The site has fewer videos, but the same number of photo sets, so either they've stopped updating altogether or they're merely rotating content.

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If you burn with desire while watching sexy chicks smoke, you're going to get addicted to Glamour Smokers. It's really that simple. The babes look so good smoking that if their images were on cigarette packs instead of pics of diseased lungs, I'd probably buy as many as I could. And I don't even smoke!

Softcore sites are often a drag, but that isn't the case on GlamourSmokers. (Well, it is a drag, but of the smoking kind.) It's well designed, easy to use and gives you what the sitename implies - softcore smoking content. You won't see any cocks getting smoked here, just models puffing away on cigarettes while they pose and peel off their clothes.

If you'd like to see it all for yourself, all you have to do is take a look at the 76 videos and 85 photo sets. The homepage has all the recent content and at the top of the page are links to both the video and picture section.

While the babes all look great, the quality of the videos does vary a bit, but the newer ones come in Full HD Windows Media formats. There is also an MP4 file for mobile devices and a streaming option. The pictures look good and even though some are medium-res, the newer ones are high-res and look great. They follow the action in the movies, so there are no surprises here.

In addition to the main content, you can also check out a forum that isn't all that active as well as video feeds, links to live cams and a ton of other VIP Members network sites, including Amanda Amore, Ditzy Dani, Inked Andi and Smoking Mina. Many aren't updating, though.

The collection isn't dated, but I did notice that there are fewer videos available today than when we last checked it out and the last time we checked there were, in fact, fewer than the time before. They either stopped updating completely or they rotate the videos on and off the site. The number of photo sets never changes. The only change is an updated design.

Glamour Smokers is a decent website for smoking fetishists - and those vehemently opposed to smoking will enjoy the bonus sites. The amount is decent, but I wouldn't hold it against you if you decided it wasn't going to satisfy your nicotine addiction.

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